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  1. Even Better Than The Real Thing Lyrics
  2. The Fly Lyrics
  3. Mysterious Ways Lyrics
  4. Magnificent Lyrics
  5. Until The End Of The World Lyrics
  6. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For Lyrics
  7. Stay (Faraway, So Close!) Lyrics
  8. One Tree Hill Lyrics
  9. Beautiful Day Lyrics
  10. Elevation Lyrics
  11. Bad Lyrics
  1. All I Want Is You/Love Rescue Me Lyrics
  2. The Unforgettable Fire Lyrics
  3. Zooropa Lyrics
  4. City Of Blinding Lights Lyrics
  5. MLK/Walk On Lyrics
  6. One Lyrics
  7. Where The Streets Have No Name Lyrics
  8. Ultra Violet (Light My Way) Lyrics
  9. With Or Without You Lyrics
  10. Moment Of Surrender Lyrics
  11. Out Of Control Lyrics

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Release Date:
01 May, 2012
Produced By:
Declan Gaffney
Alastair McMillan
Universal/Island Records under licence to Mercury Records
Recorded At:
Live on the U2360° Tour


U22 - Out Of Control

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Subscribe to U2.com and we'll send you U22, the limited-edition, double-live CD featuring 22 songs from U2360°, as chosen by U2 fans worldwide.

From All I Want Is You in Sydney to Walk On in Zagreb, from Mysterious Ways in Cape Town to One in Glasgow, from 'Real Thing' in Mexico City to With or Without You in London this specially commissioned set, sequenced and mastered by the band and their production team, runs to over two hours. It's presented in a deluxe book of live photos complete with liner notes from Adam Clayton.

Subscribe today and download four tracks immediately - One Tree Hill, Even Better Than The Real Thing, All I Want Is You... and a bonus track Unknown Caller.


30 May, 2012
Hey you are so lucky to have yours already, mine has not arrivered yet in canda
30 May, 2012
Some great tracks on U22 but what a shame to release a version of ISHFWILF with horn playing...
30 May, 2012
Keep me happy for a while...
Thanks for the extra 8 songs this morning. This will keep us U2 fans going until the release of album #13!
30 May, 2012
Thank You!!
I can't wait to have my U22! So exciting!!!!!
30 May, 2012
This is my first U2 fan release and I'm loving it immensely, "Stay" and "One Tree Hill" are beautiful. Think I agree with Rickster about "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" though, less is more!
30 May, 2012
Almost Perfect
I am so excited to get my copy of U22 and love the downloads but, disappointed with Still Haven't Found as I do not care for the dreadful horn playing. So it's almost perfect. IMO
30 May, 2012
About time!!
Waited long enough!!
Brad Moist
30 May, 2012
More Bonus Tracks?
Any chance for more bonus tracks later in the year?
30 May, 2012
Thanks are not enough
Thank you dear guys, you're incredible sending this to all of us, and for me and my husband this means a lot because you make us happy in a moment of sadness in our life. Incredible tunes, songs, it's like seeing you all over again in Azteca Stadium, well, kind of. But if it's not too much of asking, I do hope in the future we'll be able to listen to those all wonderful stories like Boots, Vertigo, Breath, I Will Follow and Electrical Storm to love you even more than any of our laws allow. Thanks Adam, Edge, Larry and Bono you're Awesome!!!! Yupi!!!!
30 May, 2012
Just downloaded the 12 - fantastic!!!! Can't wait to get my copy - will bring back memories of Wembley 15th. How on earth will they ever top this tour ?????? Outstanding :)
30 May, 2012
Thank You Too For The Fire
This will make my Summer I guess. And for the downloads, it's great to have the highlight from the 1st leg as a bonus track: the outstanding song from No Line: Unknown Caller. I'm just fitting the songs on a CD to listen to it later on and tomorrow in the car. Promises to be great!
30 May, 2012
U22 - U2 Live is Everything
Thank you! I can't wait to add Sunday Bloody Sunday (Duals), Crazy Tonight (Artifical Horizon), I Will Follow (Glastonbury - iTunes single), Breathe (live b-side from Magnificent) and Mercy (Wide Awake in Europe) to expand this to a U28 playllist.
30 May, 2012
My U22 Our U22 .... Love the U22 DOWNLOADS ... Can't WAIT to Get the U22 Cd ; ) A U22 Vinyl .... would have be a PERFECT U2 Collectors Fan ITEM : ) but only .... in My Dreams
30 May, 2012
This is going to make my week! The downloads all sound great; can't wait for the rest!
30 May, 2012
Don't waste any minute
Guys, as my ears can tell, you re still on TOP, use that time to make new songs, new giant tours while you still can ! The entire band is on fire on those songs
30 May, 2012
Pittsburgh rocks
Awesome time, let's go again!
30 May, 2012
Thank you
I have enjoyed your music for years, being that The Joshua Tree album turns 25 this year it has been such a pleasure to hear such great music from the most talented group that continues to demonstrate new ways of making music worth listening for years too come. I was honored to be a part of the audience of U2 360, being that it was my first concert to see you live. Can't wait to listen to U22.
30 May, 2012
YAY! I am SO excited. Love this band soooooooooo much <3
30 May, 2012
U22 for USS
A great idea, U22, for us the fans!! A wonderfull cd with wonderfull songs from a magnificent band!! Thanks from Holland!
30 May, 2012
Thank You
Thank you U2! From a fan for over 20 years, I just want to say thanks for continuing to amaze. I look forward to many more MAGNIFICENT years ahead. Thanks for allowing us to hold a piece of music history!!!
30 May, 2012
Can't wait!
I've been waiting to hear that this is on the way. I am actually really excited for the book. But I wish the downloads were more tracks that didn't make the cut :( but this is still sweet!
30 May, 2012
Can't wait to reboot myself! U22 is com
Looking forward to recieving my copy in the mail. Thank you U2 and U2.com staff for this moment!
30 May, 2012
I love you!
Now I can just die. I know the paradise is on my way to me. Wiiiiii! :))))
30 May, 2012
God Bless!
Thanks so much for the downloads! I woke up at 7 AM to get them!! LOVE AND PEACE!
30 May, 2012
The best gift
On my birthday the 31'st of july i attended the show in Gothenburg. I see now that the version of The Unforgettable Fire is from this show. This will be an unforgettable recording for me, thank you!
30 May, 2012
Awesome 360
The biggest coolest band... with the biggest coolest stage, with the biggest live album!!!
30 May, 2012
U22 is a dream come true ....
The fact that these live tracks will be arriving any day from now is a dream come true! For a guy who has never had the opportunity to see you guys live, I’m so excited to hear what it must have been like! Hopefully you guys will have another studio album out and a tour on the way in the not so distant future!? … As for the tracks, they’re outstanding as U2 always are! UltraViolet has always been a personal favourite and from listening to the live version, it’s easy to see why! Magnificent, I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, Elevation, One Tree Hill, City of Blinding Lights … All phenomenal! Thanks very much Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry, and everyone on the U2 team! Amazing yet again!
30 May, 2012
Super Duper
I only have to rip half the CD to Itunes, when it arrives :-)
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