U22 (1 May, 2012)
Track List
  1. Even Better Than The Real Thing Lyrics
  2. The Fly Lyrics
  3. Mysterious Ways Lyrics
  4. Magnificent Lyrics
  5. Until The End Of The World Lyrics
  6. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For Lyrics
  7. Stay (Faraway, So Close!) Lyrics
  8. One Tree Hill Lyrics
  9. Beautiful Day Lyrics
  10. Elevation Lyrics
  11. Bad Lyrics
  1. All I Want Is You/Love Rescue Me Lyrics
  2. The Unforgettable Fire Lyrics
  3. Zooropa Lyrics
  4. City Of Blinding Lights Lyrics
  5. MLK/Walk On Lyrics
  6. One Lyrics
  7. Where The Streets Have No Name Lyrics
  8. Ultra Violet (Light My Way) Lyrics
  9. With Or Without You Lyrics
  10. Moment Of Surrender Lyrics
  11. Out Of Control Lyrics


Produced By: Declan Gaffney
Engineer: Alastair McMillan



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Subscribe to U2.com and we'll send you U22, the limited-edition, double-live CD featuring 22 songs from U2360°, as chosen by U2 fans worldwide.

From All I Want Is You in Sydney to Walk On in Zagreb, from Mysterious Ways in Cape Town to One in Glasgow, from 'Real Thing' in Mexico City to With or Without You in London this specially commissioned set, sequenced and mastered by the band and their production team, runs to over two hours. It's presented in a deluxe book of live photos complete with liner notes from Adam Clayton.

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JuanDuarte - 22 June, 2012
U22 arrived to Bogota
What an excellent surprise when I arrived to my office and see a package in my desk. But the biggest surprise came when I opened it. I didn't imagine that the album would be that great. Thank you guys for this superb effort! Juan
Nebooth - 22 June, 2012
Still waiting for mine here in the U.K. Anybody else??
Bulky - 21 June, 2012
Magnificient in Oz !!
My copy arrived yesterday !! Great booklet with some amazing photo's that take me back to the Melbourne concerts. The track listing is fantastic and is already a favourite on my iPhone. Great gift for any U2 fan.
mobtomas - 21 June, 2012
Simplemente maravilloso
What a great live album. ¡GRACIAS!
lgg - 21 June, 2012
Arrived in Saskatoon, Canada
And, wow, was I impressed. It's a beautiful package. I appreciate the effort that was put into it. Thank you.
chava17 - 21 June, 2012
aaahhhhhhh ya llego mi paquete con mis dos hermosos discos estoy felizzzzzzz escuchandolo en este momento.... Gracias U22 The best
KHowey - 21 June, 2012
Just received my U22 today...
So awesome... thank you U2!
Ruud - 21 June, 2012
Waiting waiting waiting
Please don't forget Holland
ArgentoRJ - 20 June, 2012
I'm very happy
When I saw my package on my living room table I barely coudn't believe it. It was an overwhelming feeling that only U2ers can understand. Thank you!!!!
Chilly40 - 20 June, 2012
Got it In Brasil -U22
Thank you so much, one that I will pay loud and proud. Hope to see you again real soon.
elchango - 20 June, 2012
U22 already delivered in Chihuahua, Mexi
I came home at 2 PM, my wife saw something at the front door of our house. I couldn't believe it !!! The CD arrived the day we were celebrating 4 years and month since we start dating !!! A year and a month later after the concert in Mexico City !!! Thanks U2. Thanks for the music, the words and the inspiration to keep going !!! Thank You !!!
predatorcule - 20 June, 2012
Listening the U22 received today at home. Incredible coincidence: I'm on holiday today. Time to listen !!! Awesome moment ! Thanks to U2 for this gift.
Denil - 20 June, 2012
thanks, I'm with my book and my cd's show! Truest sense of the title of "biggest band on the planet."
sandmanu2 - 20 June, 2012
Still waiting in Copenhagen, Denmark. Come On!!!!
malouk - 20 June, 2012
havn't stopped playing
bloody unreal worth the wait got it last week .its turn up playing loud .thebook is totally unreal .thanks heaps brings back memories of Brisbane
Dianeke - 20 June, 2012
Thanks to everyone who made this gift po
This is one of the greatest gifts ever. I want to say thank you to everybody who made "this madness" possible. And yes : we are ONE.
kurtforstmann - 19 June, 2012
best live album since Frampton Comes Ali
best live album since Frampton Comes Alive.
cachi1234 - 19 June, 2012
From Spain
Just received the album. Awsome!!! You really care for the fans.
R3N4tO - 19 June, 2012
U22 - Brazil
I live in Brazil and received my U22 on 13/06. No words to describe my excitement when I got home and saw the package. Thank U2.com
Ruud - 19 June, 2012
Don't forget the fans in Holland ! I'm still waiting. How long............
acledic - 19 June, 2012
I live in France and I have just received the CD yesterday. Just brilliant !!!! Thank you. This brings back great memories from my last two concerts in Nice in 2009 and Paris in 2010.
alie17 - 19 June, 2012
I'm still waiting for my copy in London. Come ON!!!!
BTWIN - 18 June, 2012
what a surprise!
Oh my God! it's amazing! what a set! what a book! what a pictures! what a cds!WOW THANK YOU SO MUCH U2 and your team
navalon - 18 June, 2012
I don't receive de CD U22 yet!!! From Spain.
u2soldier - 18 June, 2012
Desde México!!
Gracias a todos los que hicieron posible la realización de ésta joya!... gracias Bono, Edge, Adam & Larry!
patrickconklin - 17 June, 2012
Best Live Album To Date!
Saw it in Atlanta, appreciate it better now. Been around awhile now and have heard many live albums in my time. Always thought Yes Songs and CCR Live in Europe where near the top of the list, U22 is at the other side of the galaxy from anything I've heard since the 70's. A perfect blend of vocals, instrumentation and audience participation!! Thank you for 360! And to the team for putting together this gift for the subscribers! I think a much deserved "Hats Off" to the Sound Engineers is needed as well!! For 2013 subscribers is the choice of what to offer that hard!?! Thank you each and everyone!
AileN - 17 June, 2012
I got it!!!
This is magnificent!!! I love it! All the songs are wondefull! I just miss "I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight" (my favorite) the live version was a "chef d'oeuvre" but didn't get enough votes unfortunately..
Pierre_1961 - 17 June, 2012
Still Waiting
Someone in the Netherlands who received U22 yet
scooby555sti - 17 June, 2012
Relive the night!
Thank you guys for this great CD, i can't wate for it to get hear .... loving the free downloads so far!
u2247 - 16 June, 2012
thanks u2 so much!! we love u from sydney
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