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  1. Even Better Than The Real Thing Lyrics
  2. The Fly Lyrics
  3. Mysterious Ways Lyrics
  4. Magnificent Lyrics
  5. Until The End Of The World Lyrics
  6. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For Lyrics
  7. Stay (Faraway, So Close!) Lyrics
  8. One Tree Hill Lyrics
  9. Beautiful Day Lyrics
  10. Elevation Lyrics
  11. Bad Lyrics
  1. All I Want Is You/Love Rescue Me Lyrics
  2. The Unforgettable Fire Lyrics
  3. Zooropa Lyrics
  4. City Of Blinding Lights Lyrics
  5. MLK/Walk On Lyrics
  6. One Lyrics
  7. Where The Streets Have No Name Lyrics
  8. Ultra Violet (Light My Way) Lyrics
  9. With Or Without You Lyrics
  10. Moment Of Surrender Lyrics
  11. Out Of Control Lyrics

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Produced By:
Declan Gaffney
Alastair McMillan
Release Date:
Universal/Island Records under licence to Mercury Records
Recorded At:
Live on the U2360° Tour


U22 - Out Of Control

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Subscribe to U2.com and we'll send you U22, the limited-edition, double-live CD featuring 22 songs from U2360°, as chosen by U2 fans worldwide.

From All I Want Is You in Sydney to Walk On in Zagreb, from Mysterious Ways in Cape Town to One in Glasgow, from 'Real Thing' in Mexico City to With or Without You in London this specially commissioned set, sequenced and mastered by the band and their production team, runs to over two hours. It's presented in a deluxe book of live photos complete with liner notes from Adam Clayton.

Subscribe today and download four tracks immediately - One Tree Hill, Even Better Than The Real Thing, All I Want Is You... and a bonus track Unknown Caller.


02 June, 2012
u2 is my music everyday
I'm looking forward receiving it , thank you
02 June, 2012
U22 (part 2) -2013 release...
I know it's premature to think about the 2013 club CD, but would love an encore of U22, call it Part 2 or the Tours B-sides. Imagine this as the track listing to the follow-up: CD1: 1. Return of the Stingray / 2. Breathe / 3. No Line on the Horizon / 4. Boots / 5. I Will Follow / 6. Electrical Storm / 7. Stuck In a Moment / 8. Mothers of the Disappeared / 9. Your Blue Room / 10. In a Little While / 11. Miss Sarjevo / CD2: 12. Vertigo / 13. Crazy Tonight / 14. Sunday Bloody Sunday / 15. New Years Day / 16. Desire / 17. Angel of Harlem / 18. Scarlet / 19. Pride / 20. Hold me, Trill Me / 21. Spanish Eyes / 22. 40 / 23. (BONUS) Party Girl Pretty solid live show if you ask me! I would re-scribe today if I knew this was the plan! But until then I'll look forward to enjoying every minute of U22 2012, should prove to be the best fan club cd yet!
02 June, 2012
Very Anxious!
I am looking forward to this CD so I can crank it up in my car, drive around with my windows down and share this amazing sound with the neighbour hood!
02 June, 2012
Thank you!
U2, Thank you for your incredible gifts and sharing your talents. Your genious is amazing.! Larry, good to see you in Vail. I still can't believe how incredibly nice that you are! I hope you are feeling great. Voters, next time, do not leave off 'Sunday Bloody Sunday'!
02 June, 2012
I have downloaded the songs and .... Ufff, still going crazy !!!! AWESOME! EXCELLENT! They are the best! They are my drug! Wishsing to receive the double-cd SET! U2 4 ever!
02 June, 2012
Simply amazing!!
What an amazing show U2-360 was and lives on in U22. I drove 10 hours to get from Bathurst, NB to Montreal (when I bought the tix, I didn't know that U2 was coming to Moncton)... I completely smashed my windshield... looking back, I wouldn't change a thing!
01 June, 2012
Incredible! Thanks For everything!
Not a day goes by when I don't listen to a full U2 album, now I can relieve the greatest albums all in one! I hope there's a song from Toronto!
01 June, 2012
Thank you!
Thank you guys, truly amazing! I get goose bumps every time I listen! The best band in the world!
01 June, 2012
Even better (late) than the real thing!
I'll cut you some slack since you're in 5-0 territory now (sorry - couldn't resist)... Looking forward to listening with my wife, and reliving the show we saw in Denver. Especially our wedding song - All I Want Is You. Thanks Bono, Edge, Larry, and Adam!!!!!
01 June, 2012
Can't wait!!
I was looking to have a party U22 this week-end... I can't wait to have this party,,, here in Quebec :)
01 June, 2012
Very Nice Still Haven't Found...
Very Nice touch with Hugh Masekela! Great Man, Great Musician, Great Global Touch to an already definitive classic. It gives its own distinct uniqueness from all the other versions. Good Call! Everything else is top notch- thx again!
01 June, 2012
U22 : )
I'm looking forward receiving it!!! you and your music are everyday part of my life... love you!!!
01 June, 2012
Memories forever and ever
I´m so excited - bring back memories from an spectacular U2360 concert for me in Denmark.
31 May, 2012
Totally Freaked out !!!
I can't wait to have my copy !!... Pasadena Rose Bowl : The best concert I've ever been in !!!. Thanks U2 for the music !
31 May, 2012
Thank you U2! :)
Thank you U2! I love downloads and I can't wait for my copy of U22 to listen to and while listening I will be thinking back to the absolutely wonderful fun great time I had at three 360 shows! Thank you again U2!! Love you guys! :)
31 May, 2012
I am here reminded of the show here in Brazil last year ... Wonderful
31 May, 2012
Many Thanks
I saw you at your last 360 concert in Moncton...and these 12 songs bring back great memories of the PERFECT concert. Thank you U2!!!!!
31 May, 2012
Great - thank you!
Thanks for the downloads - what a nice appetizer! :) Looking very much forward to receive the 'real thing' in my 'real' mailbox. U2 is amazing... as always :)
31 May, 2012
Just one word - AMAZING!!!!! Waiting for new concert tour :)))))
31 May, 2012
Still havent found what I'm looking for
Crowd singing? The weird horn addition? Ugh!! Of all the renditions of that song thats the one they pick for 22? Ruined it for me. Hopefully the rest of the tracks are more faithfull to the original. Most of what I've heard so far has ben good. Fan and concert goer since 84"
31 May, 2012
Excited for my copy - THANK YOU!
"The Unforgettable Fire" sounds amazing! I too am hopeful for more downloads of the tracks that didn't make the final cut. "Unknown Caller" was brilliant. I am hopeful for a nice download of "Scarlet". That one is so rare, I can't believe the fans en masse didn't select for the final cut.
31 May, 2012
U22 download
My thanks and congratulations to all at the U2 corporation for a very high quality of sound on the downloads as well as the expected brilliant quality of the performances themselves. If this is the sampler then I cannot wait to get the double CD! I think that this just shows the goldmine of live music album potential for U2. Well done!
31 May, 2012
Thanks very much U2 .....love you guys.......
31 May, 2012
What a birthday gift!!!! Thanks
MAY 30th is my Bday!!!! Can you imagine my joy when I saw that "download" :oD ReeEEeeeally great THANK!!! Now I just have to get Fun et happiness
31 May, 2012
Thank you
I can't wait till the cd drop's in the letter box and get it open in the cd player and BANG i will be on top off the world it will be my MOMENT OF SURRENDER ;) THANK YOU U2
31 May, 2012
Thank you
Thanks for the extra 8 songs,Ultra Violet is my favourite song from this tour . Magnifique idée de faire un double cd pour les fans Bravo!!
30 May, 2012
Thank you for letting us download so many great tracks from U22. I look forward to listening to the whole cd full of phantastic live material evoking many personal memories of the exceptional 360 Tour. This is truly the best subscriber gift we can get, because we were allowed to choose our favourites. Thank you very much for this very special present.
30 May, 2012
#7 is the best yet U2.Communication... T
Of the 7 u2.com gifts, this by far is the best... Although U2.com2 with the ZOO Tv was up there, it is great to have a sort of "Best Of... Collection of the U2360 Tour". Really jazzed right now to be listening to the latest 8 downloads! How about a little "Your Blue Room," "Zooropa," or "Electrical Storm," that would be the ultimate, for me personally. I forgot exactly which other songs didn'nt make the cut... Nonetheless, I'm very grateful and satisfied to have re-upped for the 7th or 8th (lost count) time!!! Unknown Caller was SWEET!
30 May, 2012
Thank you!! It´s incredible but i wish i had more bonus tracks!!! Can't wait to get my U22
30 May, 2012
U22 - Fantastic
The production value is outstanding, great recordings/mixes... Ultra Violet (Light My Way) my fav. U2, thank you for the memories and great keepsake from a wonderful tour.
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