All That You Can't Leave Behind (30 Oct, 2001)
Track List
  1. Beautiful Day Lyrics
  2. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of Lyrics
  3. Elevation Lyrics
  4. Walk On Lyrics
  5. Kite Lyrics
  6. In A Little While Lyrics
  7. Wild Honey Lyrics
  8. Peace On Earth Lyrics
  9. When I Look At The World Lyrics
  10. New York Lyrics
  11. Grace Lyrics
  12. The Ground Beneath Her Feet (UK only) Lyrics


Produced By: Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno, additional production Steve Lillywhite, Mike Hedges, Richard Stannard and Julian Gallagher.
Engineer: Richard Rainey, assisted by Chris Heaney.


Produced by Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno, additional production Steve Lillywhite, Mike Hedges, Richard Stannard and Julian Gallagher. Engineered by Richard Rainey, assisted by Chris Heaney. Mixed by Richard Rainey, Tim Palmer, Steve Lillywhite, Mike Hedges, Richard Stannard and Julian Gallagher, Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois, Steve Fitzmaurice. Mixing assisted by Chris Heaney, Alvin Sweeney, Jay Goin. Additional engineering Tim Palmer, Stephen Harris, Ger McDonnell, Mark Howard, Alex Haas. Assisted by Keith McDonell, Stephen Harris. Recorded at HQ, Windmill Lane Recording Studios, Westland Studios and Totally Wired in Dublin, and South of France


'It was tough at times. There were dark moments. We chose to record in Dublin so you have to go home, deal with that leak in your roof as well. Danny thought it was interfering with making the record.'

'Bono's lyrics this time, in a sense, they're less poetic, less romantic and more real. To me they're much more about where he's coming from and what he's dealing with. I think this record has a great tenderness. And I'm sure it addresses the way he feels about the commitment to the band and to his family, to his children and Ali.'

'From the beginning we were excited when music met the real world, and, going into this, we reckoned that people aren't buying rock records any more because of this progressive rock lurgy, which is on the rise, where the single has been forgotten. In our heads we've written 11 singles for this record. '

'Pop music often tells you everything is OK, while rock music tells you that it's not OK, but you can change it. There's a defiance in rock music that gives you a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Most pop music doesn't make you want to get out of bed, I'm sorry to say. It puts you to sleep.'

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Its beauty is in subtlety rather than extravagance.
paoladegliesposti - 06 January, 2013
All that you can't leave behind- to me-
Fragmentation, it is not a step back, almost a step onward,but there is this feeling of the heart beat,a distinctive imprint for each song,giving this virtual sense of the waving in the ocean of sounds. ' And that's make an innovative album through fragmentation .Maybe you can educate my mind' 'Elevation' . ' Love is not the only baggage you can bring'' Walk on'. Melancholic album,sometimes it is,for some grooves of piano and guitar.' New York ,and part of lyrics : 'In New York I lost it all to you and your vices Still I'm staying on to figure out my mid life crisis I hit an iceberg in my life But you know I'm still afloat You lose your balance, lose your wife In the queue for the lifeboat'. In Grace song we find the balance and the defense for particular situations that may occour in life :'Grace makes beauty out of ugly things .
vandirorlando - 04 August, 2012
Go Home!
This tour it's so beautiful.- Live from castle Irland. I make a tatoo on my arm. Congratutulation U2.
writetome143 - 09 July, 2012
Boss.. When i look Luv it frm ma heart........ thanks for making this kinda song......
beedo - 02 July, 2012
I remember the first time I heard this. it was so rad!
beedo - 11 April, 2012
U2 rocks
I love this album!
dhiraj_rocks - 24 January, 2012
Beautiful Day In A Beautiful Album!
awsum music!
jesy_u2 - 16 February, 2011
All that u canĀ“t leave behind....
I fell in love with U2 with this album.....
musicabona - 29 October, 2010
10 years
This album was released in October 2000, wasn;t it? With a new millennium dawning, U2 were working on another reinvention or return to a sort of stripped-down and more classic approach. Instead of experimenting with humming electronic sounds they concentrated on the main vocabulary of rock music: bass, drums, guitars and vocals. "Walk On" is an extraordinary example of U2;s regained preference to use more traditional song structures to create grand melodies and big emotions. The track was dedicated to Aung San Suu Kyi, but the theme of travelling is also relevant on a more general level. "Beautiful Day" is also one of the most meaningful songs. With The Edge playing such a distinctive and unique guitar riff that only The Edge can deliver that way, it is obvious that U2 decided to include their trademark sounds again. Listening to "Kite" I can feel that U2 put their whole heart and soul in the music. Bono forms overwhelming melodies that change between softness and brilliant power. "In the time when new media/Was the big idea..." he closes from the angle of an observer. This big idea has taken the world on exciting journeys so far and it has brought us to the place where we are right now.
elsareb - 19 October, 2010
As sweet as honey
I believe this album is like eating a sweet chocolate, is so soft, so easygoing and at the same time it gets to the heart with those lyrics about love and life. It is the second best romantic album for me before achtung baby, music to fall in love or at least to remember memories from past. Every piece of music you do, it's a big important part of me and all the fans we love you. Congratulations guys. Congratulations U2.
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