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25 Mar 2010
Not long now. In just a couple of months U2360° ...
19 Dec 2009
'We're still capable of doing our best-ever album.' ...
15 Dec 2009
Winter', the track the band wrote for Jim Sheridan's ...
04 Dec 2009
To mark the premiere of Jim Sheridan's movie 'Brothers' ...
02 Dec 2009
Nominations for the 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards have been ...


11 Mar 2009
From Australia and Canada to the US and the UK, 'No ...
02 Mar 2009
The reviews of the new album are coming thick and fast, ...
01 Mar 2009
'They don't think that any forum is unworthy of their ...
27 Feb 2009
No Line on the Horizon is released in Ireland today... ...
25 Feb 2009
The reviews of the new album are starting to arrive... ...
Inshala - 27 November, 2012
Not just a great band………….
it's the men that they have become that makes it easy for me to have followed them proudly since 1979. At such a young age Bono & The Boys knew by the WAR album that they could use this platform for the betterment of the world. When I was 22 I was partying hard. I would not Have thought that way if I were in there shoes. Women, drugs & Rock 'n' Roll would have been my mantra. Just another Rolling Stone if you get what I mean. Can't wait to be inspired by the next album. U2FootSoldiers is a non-profit 401C3 Company I created to do mission trips from Africa to New Orleans, where ever people are in need. Keep on doing what you do best boys, creating great music & inspiring others to action. Peace.
NanyandGonzo - 30 July, 2012
We've just bought the Limited Edition of NLOTH and it's amasing! I enjoyed the DVD, pretty artistic and obviously they look awesome in Magnificent. Winter sounded so cool, I wish there would be a B-side of this album. Love the posters, too; thank you for creating this awesome, artistic material U2
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