Electrical Storm EP (1 Oct, 2002)
Track List
  1. Electrical Storm (William Orbit Mix) Lyrics
  2. New York (Nice Mix) Lyrics
  3. New York (Nasty Mix) Lyrics


Produced By: William Orbit


Electrical Storm went to air sooner than planned, after Bono sent a demo of the track to a pal on her wedding day - which was appropriate as there was a severe thunder and lightning storm raging at the time. Since the friend was a radio DJ, sharp-eared listeners in the UK were treated to a demo of the new track, two months before release.        



'It's about a couple in a room, feeling a storm brewing in the sky outside and equating that to the pressure they feel in their relationship. I think it captures a sense of unease I feel around the world, especially in America, an air of nervous anticipation. It's not an overtly political song, but I don't think we could have written it before what happened in New York.'
vitozappa - 11 August, 2012
electrical storm
It just gives me the shivers....
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