The Fly (2 Nov, 1991)
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Produced By: Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois


The song appears on the Achtung Baby album. A live version can also be found on the Zoo-TV: Live from Sydney video. U2 played the song live on the ZOO-TV tour opener on February 29, 1992 in Lakeland, Florida. During the performance of The Fly the screens on stage presented a barrage of phrases and slogans. A performance of The Fly from the June 19, 1992 show at the G-Mex Centre in Manchester can be found on the Stop Sellafield video.

Artists that have covered the song include Blake Carrington on Zoovenir-A Tribute to U2; Studio 99, The Best Of U2-A Tribute; and The Joshua Trio. PM Dawn sampled The Fly on their song Fly Me To The Moon.



'The Fly? Well to me it's the sound of four men chopping down the Joshua Tree.'


TheSweetestFan - 31 August, 2012
A potentially epic night that DID NOT go
I will NEVER forget the night U2 played at the C.N.E in Toronto for the Zooropa tour..... 19 yrs old and their #1 fan (by my own calculations) I was STOKED to go see them and my boyfriend, friend and I set out for Toronto excited as anything to see Bono and the boys. Anyone who knows the Canadian Exhibition, knows they have a midway as well as the concert venue and I purposely avoided the midway and arrived in time to have a beer and attend the show. WELL..... on my way to the show we're passing the Polar Bear Express ride, which, goes very quickly backwards while playing loud music and what do I hear but "The Fly"......needless to say I begin shouting what I always say when I hear a U2 song...... "Hark, I hear angels....." and off we go to quickly purchase ride tickets and go on the ride. Well...... about halfway through the ridge the lighting falls down and BAM on my head and BAM on my arm and BAM on my head again..... They finally get the ride stopped and get the 3 of us off who had injuries (one injured worse then me and one not as bad). I was totally fine. In shock I think now that I look bad - slight concussion and a gaping hole in my arm where the jagged metal ripped into it. Again, totally fine UNTIL the medics said I would be travelling to the hospital for stitches and missing the concert! Then I totally lost my head. I wanted a bandaid and be left to attend the concert. I was horrified and inconsolable as I made my way to St. Michaels in the ambulance for stitches. I'll never forget hearing The Fly from the emergency room and thinking that I should be there. Don't worry too much about me - the park gave me floor seats to the show for the next evening and I proceeded to cry like a baby when the band took the stage and rip most of my stitches out through clapping and enjoying the concert the next night! What a song! What a night and a scar I look at fondly that reminds me of my absolute favourite band in the whole world......26 years and counting!!!
beedo - 20 June, 2012
so rad!
this song make me so happy....
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