Staring At The Sun (15 Apr, 1997)
Track List
  1. Staring At The Sun Lyrics
  2. North And South Of The River Lyrics
  3. Your Blue Room Lyrics


Produced By: Flood
Engineer: Mark 'Spike' Stent and Howie B


The single appeared on the album Pop. Bono was inspired by the album title from Something Happens' 'Stuck Together With God's Glue' as a lyric.

It was performed live for the first time during the PopMart tour opener in Las Vegas on April 25, 1997 when the band stopped and re-started the song because not everyone was on the same tempo.The live version from the PopMart Rotterdam concert on July 18, 1997 can also be found on the PopHeart Live EP and the WBCN Naked Disc compilation.

skateur17 - 21 November, 2012
The best single pop u2
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