Chernobyl Children's Project


"If our tears do not lead us to act then we have lost the reason of our humanity, which is compassion."
Dalai Lama

Since its establishment the Chernobyl Children's Project has delivered over 55 million in direct and indirect humanitarian aid to the Chernobyl region.

A registered charity, established in 1991, the Project aims to help alleviate the suffering and to offer hope to those most affected by the Chernobyl nuclear explosion, namely the children of Belarus, Western Russia and the Ukraine.

The organisation places great importance on listening to individuals in the affected areas from government departments to personnel in hospitals, orphanages and a wide range of regional and community organisations. These organisations can best identify the needs of the children and families as they are dealing with them on a daily basis. We respond to these needs by delivering aid programmes of direct relevance to the people.

With its US affiliate, Chernobyl Children's Project International (CCPI), the organisation continues to develop long-term sustainable community-based solutions, providing effective humanitarian assistance while advocating for the rights of the victims and survivors of the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster.,

Latest information and news www.adiccp.org or (US) www.ccp-intl.org

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