Brad L Williams - 13 March, 2011
Please show us the whole thing!
Please show us the whole thing! Not just little bits!
- 31 March, 2010
Why does it only play 45 seconds?
Kevin_nl - 10 March, 2010
They already knew
Looks they already had the idea a few years ago :0
Ana.Brazil.18 - 03 March, 2010
I love this video. Before I didn't like this song very much. When I've seen its video, I was interested and I've heard it more. It's a great song to listen to in a cold afternoon, I think hahaha
Marleenie - 24 February, 2010
The vid could only be improved by having a Man drinking water--with a lemon twist.
maela62 - 06 February, 2010
' you are just living a dream'
I love the song, to me the video it is just as living a dream, in the sleep.
elsaedgefan - 24 January, 2010
Love This Song!
Hilarious Video!
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