Bad (The Unforgettable Fire)

watsonrs - 09 April, 2010
rattle and hum in 2010??
Seems awfully strange, and - to be honest - cheap to me for to post a video from an old movie for Bad. Are there really no other videos of this amazing song? No reasonable bootlegs of concerts that many of us attended in the 80s that made us love the band even more than we did when we head them on vinyl? Come on..., I've heard this song on at least 5 tours, and it was most always incredible. Why not post one of those??
Minstral - 09 April, 2010
Last played live?
I can't recall a DVD release since Rattle n Hum where they played this song. Is there one ? Pity-somewhat: although I do like its place in U2 Genealogy.
molly_36 - 09 April, 2010
Vintage U2
At their best! My favorite song and best live version out there.
Sprud - 09 April, 2010
All Time Favorite
"Bad" is one of my all-time favorite U2 songs. I was absolutely thrilled to hear the boys play it in the 360 Tour in Dublin. I also love how the live version continues to evolve over the years, too. A TRULY GREAT SONG! - Sue
jahoy10 - 09 April, 2010
Best song ever! Wide in America version is even better : )
jahoy10 - 09 April, 2010
Best song ever! Wide in America version is even better : )
claudescheuer - 09 April, 2010
this song is, just as so many others from U2, so incredible ... good! it is hard to find the right words that are able to reflect how wonderful, how harmonic this song sounds. edge's melodic guitar, bono's voice and the lyrics, supported by larry's drums and adam's bass guitar... just perfect, just U2! at his best! thank you for this immense song!
Tikutu - 09 April, 2010
I miss those days
I miss Rattle and Hum days... I love this version of Bad - in fact I love all versions of thes songs that are on this DVD... thank god they made this film! I'll always love U2 but 1980's U2 has a very special place in my heart and watching R&H takes me there!
vancam - 09 April, 2010
Is "Bad" the best U2? It's too hard for me to say, when I put it up against the likes of; One Tree Hill, All I Want is You, Pride, Red Hill Mining Town, A Sort of Homecoming & 40, etc. It does bring back memories of the earlier / simpler tours...hope we get to see something this basic & raw again. Maybe next tour ?!?!
celebrindan - 06 April, 2010
Prophet to our peril, progeny of providence pleading for people find a way to a planet at peace
scuderiasm - 02 April, 2010
bad is my favorite song, theres nothing who can top this
scuderiasm - 02 April, 2010
bad is my favorite song, theres nothing who can top this
bobcaygeonmary - 23 March, 2010
Yes - put the U2 Magic Wand on this - its making a comeback - I just love how these lyrics have changed there meaning to me over the years - such joyful listening .
dacaal - 23 March, 2010
For me the most incredible live performance ever made by U2. The Edge's guitar is incredible, I think this is the guitar sound wich makes the U2 sound. If you listen the guitar of songs like "streets..", "still havent.." "pride..." and all the great songs made after, all of them are inspider by BAD. My favourite song. David
CAZZY65 - 22 March, 2010
I remember the days to countless to number and so loud. Rember france and wembley in 1987 be with me forever x
conradmtd - 22 March, 2010
Bad ? - I've seen better !
Put the version of Bad from Self Aid in Dublin up. Now that was the definiitve live version.
bobcaygeonmary - 21 March, 2010
This is a classic -
This song is a perfect balance of poetry , rythem, and rock & roll . I've been listening to it for 30 years & it will never get old - neither will I !
vjreason - 21 March, 2010
BRILLIANT!! my favourite U2 song, what a wonderful performance! hope they play it in paris!!
dungbeetlejo - 20 March, 2010
By far the best version of this song. Love, love, love it!
mariannemo - 19 March, 2010
Shirtless Bono
Oh my, shirtless Bono. Be still my heart. Fell in love with U2 after seeing their 1985 Unforgettabe Fire Tour. I feel like I have grown up with U2 and now, we shall grow old together.
Margot555 - 12 March, 2010
I remember this, and long for the "old days". The simplicity of the stage. They so don't need all the glitter which I find distracting. The music and simplicity is what I fell in love with. Don't get me wrong, I'm still in love, just longing. :)
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