One-Achtung Baby


musicabona - 06 September, 2011
Carry each other
Directed by U2;s excellent longtime photographer Anton Corbijn, this video impressively captures the great intimacy of four bandmembers making music together in a room. An unusual bird;s perspective lets us watch U2 play their instruments while forming a circle and haunting images of Bono;s father standing on one side of a seesaw frequently appear. Ten years after Bob Hewson had passed away I am deeply moved to look straight in the eyes of a man who used to live out his love for music by conducting operas with knitting needles as Bono sometimes recalls in interviews. With the German word \"RUHE\" (calmness) written in capital letters, painted Trabants and an intense image of Bono;s father in front of the Brandenburg Gate, there are profound references to Berlin, the city that inspired the recording of Achtung Baby in so many ways. Between these sequences the video lets us enjoy the extravaganza of the bandmembers dressed as drag queens, wearing feather boas and make-up. Anton Corbijn closes his outstanding work with two Trabants almost crashing into each other and Bob Hewson leaving the seesaw. Yes, we are one, but we are not the same.
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