Mysterious Ways-Achtung Baby

jojodee - 18 November, 2014
great video
I could never express it as eloquently as musicabona, but yes a great sensual video, love it
bonoheart - 12 August, 2012
I was 12 and it was a hard period in my life: my parents divorced and not in a friendly way, you know...Anyway I was really angry with all the world and one night "Misteroius ways" came out from my was like a revelation, i felt a kind of warm, a sense of peace.The song said " it's allright, it's day you look back and you'll see...": it was for me!!! Then I bought "Achtung Baby" and I find " Acrobat"...what a cure for my angry! Thanks U2, you saved me!!!
musicabona - 04 September, 2011
Spirits move me
After almost 20 years, \"Mysterious Ways\" is still my favourite U2 video of all time. Having directed it in Fez, Stephane Sednaoui makes us enter a phantastic oriental world accompanied by stunning kaleidoscope-like images of the gorgeous architecture and narrow laneways populated by a lot of natives. The intense and almost unreal colours combined with some distorted shots of the band and a partly modified perspective represent the song in wild, expressive aesthetics. In every sequence there is a strong sense of movement, letting the ground shake, creating dizzying effects. This is not only a music video at highest artistic level; this is an impressive portrait of a truly mystic place.
maela62 - 11 February, 2010
ok ok
this video is delightful!
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