One (Directed by Phil Joanou)

paoladegliesposti - 06 May, 2013
This is 'One'
this is in fact ' The One' song, slow and precise construction. Love grows in mind and heart.
- 11 August, 2012
I was a child the first time that I heard this song ( now i'm 31) but since then I felt in love with Bono.
hbarany - 13 September, 2011
BobbyLelat - 05 September, 2011
My personal favourite of all U2\'s videos. It captures the mood of the song perfectly!
bono1990 - 01 September, 2011
ROME 2010-08-10
Please make the dvd of the concert in Rome...PLEASE!!!
Jurga - 30 March, 2011
i think this is the most beautiful video of U2
Pedro Ribeiro - 13 September, 2010
So Powerfull. Makes you elevate yourself !!!
Angelica1976 - 05 May, 2010
Love this song! Love the arrangement! LOVE U2 =)
achtung29 - 21 March, 2010
Serenade for the Soul
Poighnent, Passionent, Powerful
Wind - 07 February, 2010
Chicks dig
scars; and that's a nice one. I wonder where he picked that up? I much prefer this version over Anton's; it feels more authentic.
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