Magnificent in Boston

chelero - 18 August, 2010
Such a beautiful song
I love that they like to play such small venues, it takes them back to their roots.....
Hayse - 26 June, 2010
I was weened on this band from it's inception and am so AMAZED and BEDAZZLED by every single performance to this day so many beautiful years later. Keep ROCKIN' Your Hearts OUT U2 WE LOVE YOU!
melbourneedge - 28 May, 2010
bonomelbourne Australia
Bono / Larry /Adam / Edge Get down to Australia We have great healong qualities here plus the sun surf wine etc etc
westsbest1111 - 26 May, 2010
How do you "rate" anything with so much emotion woven throughout every fiber? This song carries the No LIne album in many respects, and does a right quick job at addressing so many aspects of our quest to relate to each other as an extension of our personal relation to God. Thanks guys for this insight, and moreover "Praise be to God"! Vistadohmen
akroban - 08 May, 2010
Las Vegas 2009
This band has been in my blood since I first heard their music on MTV 1980. However I wasn't able to see them live in concert until the 360 2009 tour in Las Vegas... My younger sister had seen them 3 times and this was my first and very much worth the wait! Everyone said they would blow me away, and they did that and so much more. I hope to see them again soon!!! This band is the Best band in the world. The best drummer, guitarist and base player, and then there is Bono, What else can I say??? Thanks Guy's..XXXXXXOOOOO R. Duffey
maxq - 24 April, 2010
the best!
U2 4ever
nektarios - 20 April, 2010
U2 to for Ever.......
They just know, how to play for the people!!!!!!! i am trying to play like them with my group.......I love them and i will be in athens for them...september!!!!! u2 for ever!!!!!!
Managuabulets - 18 April, 2010
u2 is awesome
They have never been in the bottom. They have always been travellers like myself through the journey of the music. I hope they never forget that they are musicians for the souls before activists...
apolo8821 - 17 April, 2010
for all the latin brothers and sisters hope they make it to your country soon! can't wait for the shows in june. animo y esperanza!
medina - 15 April, 2010
- 24 March, 2010
very well mixed for web purposes
roma2003 - 15 March, 2010
U2 is my religion..........
YLARYA - 11 March, 2010
god bless you
vanerocio - 07 March, 2010
come to Peru ??
paulastef - 05 March, 2010
Somerville 2009...bring me baaaack!!!
I've been a fan for 30 years and drove into Somerville while listening to this on the radio...An angel in a police uniform told us to go round back the theatre & we were able to briefly meet the band as they came out to meet the fans gathered there after this MAGNIFICENT show. A dream come true for a Boston fan from back in the day! Cheers to Larry, Adam, Edge & Bono ... Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah we will STILL & 4eva come out for you!!! OX
kerou2 - 05 March, 2010
Magnificent is real!!!
Magnificent is magnificent. :D u2 comes please to Brazil .... my dream is to see u2 in Brazil singing for the country that this wonderful band loves! 360 tour!!!!
Mexicanos - 03 March, 2010
The best band
Great song, u2 is the best band in the planet, and pleace return to Mexico pleace
dulcenombrecoronado - 03 March, 2010
...Excellent...what magnificent
what a video.... make a concert in costa rica!!
titanmoon - 03 March, 2010
wish i was there
how COOL too see u2 in such a small venue. SO great as well to hear a band talking about the almighty! LOVE, shine on down! turn this world around! lift our feet off the ground!
iowalady - 01 March, 2010
Bad association
Fell on the ice this winter and whacked my head on the pavement while this song was playing on my iPod! Ouch! Great song, though!
IrisGisel93 - 01 March, 2010
Everything they create is just spectacular and of great quality. You don't hear music like this anymore. It breaks my heart that America is consumed in junky music.:[ U2 Forever!
carmar57 - 22 February, 2010
What a Great video!
lemebono - 21 February, 2010
Justify till we die/you and I will magnify/The Magnificent/Magnificent MAGNIFICENT OOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOVE YOUR VOICE BONO VOX. i LOVE YOU =*
Boroo - 20 February, 2010
It was faster than the eye could flick
Your strenght is unbelievable! Argentina 20 de febrero del 2010
lemebono - 19 February, 2010
Bono Brazil please =]
U2 is also from Brazil =P Come to Brazil this year, please I Love you Bono. Mine is Jéssica from Brazil
johnmasterb - 18 February, 2010
33 YEARS!! and...
There is a song which says; "time is a train makes the future the past..." Yes, this is true but, you friends, are the train, you always will be "Magnificent" long life for you guys Don`t forget to latinoamèrica pals, your friends and fans are expecting to hear the best music of the history, here, close to you, closer Mexico. thanks
lemebono - 17 February, 2010
U2 comes to Brazil please =[ I love you =3 only looooove
- 15 February, 2010
best band in the world and only one bono sexy still at near 50
figurineman - 14 February, 2010
Great song but in july in Amsterdam it was Magnificent. After live at slane castle the best I've ever seen from U2.
timothygal - 14 February, 2010
cannoT waiT to listeN to u liVe, please.. comE to perU!!! full of fans and wonders... gives us one shoT... great musicians
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