'till the Well Runs Dry

Juneaudn - 11 April, 2012
I m from Quebec a Daniel Lanois fan !!!
- 10 August, 2010
Awesome. I like it.
knappkj - 17 June, 2010
Listened 10 X already
This clip alone is worth the U2 subscription! Luv it!
Ric - 25 March, 2010
I like it. That's show-people for you. Most other people are self conscious about singing in front of others. The love of the song shows through here though.
missyboo - 05 March, 2010
Simply Amazing!
I adore this clip. So incredibly pure and beautiful. I love how they just go back to eating...the simplicity and amazement of U2 and those around them. Thank you for sharing this with us. I wish I could be a fly on a wall. I can only imagine.
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