Magnificent Video


denny2 - 18 February, 2012
Class, Absolute CLASS !!
greydogblues - 17 February, 2012
love this!
i've only recently seen this video for the first time (for some reason). it's so beautifully filmed. i am enjoying discovering anew and rediscovering videos, B-sides, etc., as i continue to deal with my 360 withdrawal! i kind of recall going through this after zooTV, too. never gets old.
LetMeInTheSound7 - 16 February, 2012
I love this song sooo much! Whenever I go to a party I always blast it hahah
L_N_A - 16 February, 2012
Bono's voice...
in this song, it brings me to another dimension.
mokram - 11 April, 2010
Thanks U2
I would like to thank the band for this great song recorded in my country ;) Moroccans loves U2
boofy - 05 March, 2010
This video is amazingly shot and matches the song perfectly! Love it!
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