The Ocean Webisode

Andrea_Sweden - 18 October, 2014
Unfinished song?
Boy, this is a great sound, I wish you had continued! Maybe something for the coming album, Experience? :) "And I felt like a star I felt the world could go far If they listened to what I said. But no one did." Reminds me of some of my old paintings and photos. Though they are only looking for their pairs in form of a poem, only for my own home use. (
henrivdm - 30 January, 2012
Would love to see a live DVD with more of this period!!!!
keithdr02 - 10 March, 2010
Nice to see this - I had never seen it before. I think it is taken from the BBC's Old Grey Whistle Test. I have a DVD of that where U2 performed I Will Follow. Perhaps this was from the same session?
Sigma957 - 26 January, 2010
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