360° Tour Opening Night (1)


mouro - 22 June, 2010
Almost a hole year since I was there, still crying when I remember THE NIGHT
guarenas - 02 May, 2010
if a man can feel love for other man...is i feel for this mea... and i not gay....
deraos - 10 April, 2010
u2 concert
I am going to see U2 concert in Athens at 3 September. I a very exciting about it because i am a huge fan of the band and it is my first time that i am going to see them. U2 are the best ever. George
EverythingU2 - 05 February, 2010
I know that girl too.....
Which opening nite? USA or Europe??? Love this song.....................that's my favorite guitar of Bonos..
diegolomba - 31 January, 2010
The best night in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When started to play the first song, I could not believe it!! was my first U2 concert of many I'm going! The best experience of my life! thanks guys!
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