U2360° At The Rose Bowl DVD - City of Binding Lights


U2fan327 - 09 August, 2011
i love this song, my fave! Great lighting and lyrics!
Kruguitar - 23 February, 2011
It works - thank you!
Roadie - 15 January, 2011
Rose bowl
I watched all of thevideos. Oh my God,I wish i had seen them first hand.. Awesome stuff. U2 Rocks the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gabbe - 28 September, 2010
good to have back in Mexico
one of the greatest song i ever heard
JOnh - 03 August, 2010
beautiful song
Really i'm in love with the U2's tour, and this song is a great one!
djv - 03 August, 2010
Live CD?
Everyone knows U2 are at their best live as this clip clealy demonstrates. Why not a "BEST OF LIVE" CD box set? CD's from every tour. It would be awesome.
U2faninSheffield - 26 July, 2010
A great piece of music
What a fantastic setting a piece of music this is. Well done, guys. Not just this, but listening to any of your music makes me feel so good. You're an inspiration to the music.
garciat88 - 22 July, 2010
mi name is AMERICO
you and his lyrics are inspirations to see what cover with a finger... love, all barriers (colour, religion) for very insignificant thing (political power). you are the most large and especially beautiful BANDA DE ROCK... blessings please ... come to PERU...
johnnycespedes - 03 July, 2010
Hello, I´m a crazy U2 fan. I will always love you through Eternity. Thank you for your music. I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Please, come back here!!!. YOU ARE "THE BEST BAND OF THE WORLD". Your music inspirates me to live positively. Greetings Bono. I wish you could get over from your operation. I named my two-year-old son PAUL, like you, in your HONOR. I hope to see you soon in Argentina. I was at each performance you gave in Buenos Aires, 2 concerts in 1998 and 3 in 2006. the U2 360° tour in 2009 was the must. My best wishes.
Mamcgrath9353 - 01 July, 2010
Rose Bowl DVD
After seeing a few vidoe of the 360 at Rose Bowl DVD, I will be purchasing it a.s.a.p. I want to re-live my 360 experience from last year when U2 opened their American Tour in Chicago and I was there.
surfer66 - 30 June, 2010
A city lit by fireflies ! Love it!
EverythingU2 - 23 June, 2010
u sung this song to me-I'm positive
The more you see, the less you know The less you find out as you go I knew much more then than I do now Neon heart day-glow eyes A city lit by fireflies They're advertising in the skies For people like us And I miss you when you're not around I'm getting ready to leave the ground Bono, I miss you soooo much. I miss hearing about you,reading about you, anticipating the show in Chicago-feeling connected to you. I miss you so so much.
amsilva - 18 June, 2010
The greatest show
Simply the greatest show on earth... I´m looking forward for the 2nd of October, to see this amazing show here in Portugal, Coimbra....I´m justo counting the days... tic, tak, tic, tak.....
mikeAngel - 05 June, 2010
This is a really great show ever, I am waiting for my super deluxe kit of the show.. 16 days more to go
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