U2360° At The Rose Bowl DVD - Ultra Violet


milo_henry - 30 October, 2012
Specifically, this recording is one of my favorite U2 recordings ever… it just shows what a great live band U2 are. It is a heartbreaking yet beautiful song and, maybe overshadowed by many of the other singles on Achtung Baby. Thank you guys for resurrecting it!! The jangling guitar jumps in the beginning with so much energy… and the bass and drums are as powerful as the sky falling… GREAT WORK! Thank you.
FukTheRevolution - 09 January, 2012
Best Song of the show
Live version was even better...
mdmomof7 - 16 August, 2011
UV performed in Baltimore
Wow! I was so grateful/excited/elated that they played this for us! Thank you, Bono!!
U2fan327 - 09 August, 2011
Another fave!
Another song I love! Great performance!
u2bob1979 - 08 March, 2011
Du reve et une drogue depuis trop longtemps et aussi ils eclairent mon chemin depuis des années et merci a eux du fon du coeur. I love U2 .
fpafvenf - 19 November, 2010
A magic song, this version is maybe the best
benjaminfc - 04 August, 2010
Only Stephen Hawkins...
can define how fkn big this tune is....
peach23 - 03 August, 2010
Ultraviolet Awesome
"You buried your treasure" ....great performance of this song
nicoverhelle - 24 July, 2010
Light my way!!!!
Can't wait till Hannover!!!! Please, guys, play it there again!!!!
artworld - 22 July, 2010
boriss55 - 22 July, 2010
Always different! Brilliant!
u2zoo24 - 14 July, 2010
It took waaaaaay to long for them to put this song on a setlist for live performance. I figured this song would be awesome live like 15 years ago. Absoloutly AWESOME.
goldielocks34 - 09 July, 2010
brilliant song.. so visual..remember it like yesterday. makes the hairs on my arms stand up
tuggas222 - 03 July, 2010
The way this song is sung... perfect. My favourite part is the time where Bono sings "Ultraviolet" in a different tone to the original version. ...Perfect.
EverythingU2 - 01 July, 2010
baby,baby, baby light my way
your electrifing microphone looks exactly like my bmw steering wheel....so i think of you when i drive....i cant believe i wont see you july 6th-my heart breaks...you always light my way.....please talk to us through u2.com Your fans need to hear something from you-pleaseeeeeeee xxxbonosone
sharkey78 - 26 June, 2010
Grateful for U2
It's funny. But I feel so close to these guys and I am so grateful to them for the music, and the message over the years that when I heard about the postponement of the tour my disappointment subsided so quickly because of my overwhelming concern for Bono's health. Seeing this DVD brings back great memories, and I'm so thankful that Bono and the boys will be healthy to give it another go'round.
misfit186 - 25 June, 2010
I'm heartbroken that the U.S. Leg was postponed but the DVD will hold me off until next year. It takes me back to the Dublin shows. Love it.
Virginia_Arg - 25 June, 2010
This is amazing..!!! ... can´t wait to get the DVD!!
Siggie - 25 June, 2010
FANTASTIC!!! took me right back to Sheffield Aug 09. great to hear and see it again. Hope the recovery is going well!!
marknaki123 - 24 June, 2010
i love that they are playing a song from achtung baby that haven't played in a while...they definitely need to play more songs from that album.
lf1971 - 17 June, 2010
Thrilled to have seen and heard it live!
thebigphil - 17 June, 2010
I just love this song. Gives me goose bumps every time i watch this.
Cath T - 13 June, 2010
Opera in my head!
Fantastic, one of my all time favourite songs, totally loved Bono's jacket. Went to 3 concerts in 2009 & I looked forward to this one being performed the most. Just loved it. Please play it in Turin.x
bliwers - 11 June, 2010
My first U2 concert was the opening night in Barcelona, I told a friend: "Dude the're gonna play the unforgettable fire and ultraviolet" my friend laughed and answered that was impossible. When they played this I cried like a little boy simply awesomeness and music perfection
johnjay23 - 10 June, 2010
The Highlight of the show. Amazing beauty.
crey - 09 June, 2010
This song is so beautiful, the video is excellent. I will be in Paris in september 2010 !!
jschmitt20 - 09 June, 2010
Soothing Lights & Lyrics
This is such an incredible video. I absolutely love this song. What an amazing idea. Bono really puts himself out there for his friends.
psymon1968 - 08 June, 2010
This has to be one of my Favourite U2 songs.It was one of the highlights for me at Wembley. i always sing this to my son, when i'm trying to get him to settle down when he is tired and starts crying.It always seems to do the trick.Excellent video
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