U2360° 2010 Turin - Beautiful Day

Kinger59 - 07 August, 2010
can't wait for next summer
i love this band!!
Kinger59 - 07 August, 2010
can't wait for next summer
i love this band!!
smurphy35 - 07 August, 2010
oh you look so beautiful tonight
wow the boys are back in town cant wait for 17th september in munich up the dubs
Dani_Vox - 07 August, 2010
It's so amazing to see how Bono looks so good, after a back surgery! And I'm fascinated to see U2 on stage again!
monyloto - 07 August, 2010
tank you for beatiful night!!!!!!!!!
elsa11 - 07 August, 2010
Good to see Bono!
My husband of 57 suffers since a few weeks from a slipped disc too. We hope to be able to make the trip from Holland to Paris for the show on the 18th of September (if necessary in a wheelchair!). But seeing Bono jumping and dancing again gives us hope that you can recover completely!
dinovelvet - 07 August, 2010
the fly is back????
something of fly character in the new suits of bono ......
eleza - 07 August, 2010
Grazie mille!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for the great night and the great show in Turin!Unforgettable!!!Love u guys :-)
tomkris - 07 August, 2010
perfect day
Hello, see u2 in Brussels, it will be perfect!
- 06 August, 2010
Absolute joy and energy! You're the coolest guys in the universe!
bonovoxu2 - 06 August, 2010
wow wow wow
cherandfaith3 - 06 August, 2010
Love it
Awesome! Glad they're back. I missed their turn in the states but glad they to see whatever little clips I can see on the internet. Keep rocking boyz! Love U!
- 06 August, 2010
A mazing
U2 til the end of the world
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