U2360° 2010 Launches in Turin

kirsten_e - 20 September, 2010
that was great
normjosh - 26 August, 2010
i love u2
Bushi - 24 August, 2010
yum yum
i love pizza even better when given out by awesome irish rock stars i need to my ass to a u2 show now if they gave out free beer you might start seeing me in some of these videos in the crowd
Oliveira - 10 August, 2010
Thank you for coming back to stages.We wait for you in Coimbra.
mfw - 09 August, 2010
Looking forward
VertigoBaz - 08 August, 2010
Grazie (bis)!!!
Thanks for pizza!!!
Abbi - 07 August, 2010
I was great! Two, almost three new songs. Great ACUTO during Miss Sarajevo... It was really a night to remember!
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