Moments before taking the stage in Perth

u2kaus - 18 January, 2011
Breathe Tease!
Love this video. I was hoping to hear Breathe in Australia, something about Bono singing about cockatoos seemed like Breathe was destined for Oz. Still, I was over the moon when U2 played All I Want Is You at Sydney 2 and Perth 2. Who knows, I may win the lottery and fly over to see U2 in Canada, and maybe if they do play Dublin again in September. Love and Cockatoos from Sydney!
Hudo - 21 December, 2010
u2 Perth
Ever since the first time U2 came to Perth, I have always said that you will never see better than U2 live. I went to both shows with friends who had never seen these guys live - they have not shut up about it - but then why would they? All I can say is this show is very special and unlikely to be topped, even by U2 - it was just insane. I thank U2 for bringing this incredible tour to Perth. It was so f***in EPIC! Cheers from WA
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