U2 360° Tour 2011

Moment of Surrender


13 April, 2011
Muitas Emoções !!!!!!
Repito o que disse nossa amiga acima.......Tenho orgulho de ser fã de vocês! Obrigado.
12 April, 2011
this time ensured many tears, knowing that it was sensational while away, the band is concerned with information and local events. It was a beautiful tribute to the victims of this sad episode. I was on day 9, day 10 and will be tomorrow, followed since I was 9 years old, now I'm 28 and I can not describe how is this time! I saw them at POP MART in VERTIGO and now 360. WONDERFUL! Therefore I love you!
12 April, 2011
Touching moment
Im a teacher in Rio de Janeiro and it was so hard to come back to our classrooms after so much pain. Thanks U2 for sharing our pain. For remembering our children. For touching our hearts so deeply that night. The most beautiful end for a wonderful concert. Obrigada!
12 April, 2011
Thank you
I knew U2 would say something about our Bloody Thursday. I just didn't know how beautiful it would be. Moment of surrender and all their names on the screen! Perfect. Thank you.
12 April, 2011
Only love
Thank you for sharing with us this critical moment. It's so hard to Brazilian people pass trought this kind of occurence, because we are a lovely and warm people. When we are trying to full the world with love, this kind of things still happening... It's so sad, but thank you for this tribute! Our country is very proud of receving you guys from U2! Love you!
11 April, 2011
I am proud to be a fan of you! You bring peace to the hearts ... comfort ... Magic seems to U2's music fills empty ... and makes us stronger and makes us want to always do good. I am immensely happy to be a fan of the greatest band on the planet and believe I chose my profession to work with the educator and social ... for you are my life examples. I love you from the bottom of my soul and know that you will always have a person here praying for you
11 April, 2011
Moment of sadness
I am sure this is the worst moment we are in, Oh God, I don´t have words to express what I felt at that bloody thursday. Thank you U2 to bring hope and show us that worthwhile keep going. Celso from Brazil.
11 April, 2011
amazing that U2 dedicated this song to these kids and family, God bless you Bono
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