Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle


pmagnagh - 31 July, 2012
zoo tv and 360
to respond to zadam i attended both zoo tv arena leg and stadium legs in North America plus the 360 tour. Both were amazing, after zoo tv every other big band tried to copy what U2 did but no one was ever able to match the scale and the emotional connection they could make with the production. 360 took that to a completely different level.
zdam - 16 May, 2012
I was there in June 2011, what a beautif
Just a bit over 11 months ago in Seattle, I was there along with 60,000 plus other U2 Fans.....I was too young to be at the Zoo TV Tour, but to me this is on par with the that tour. I would love to hear thoughts from folks who were fortunate enough to be at both of those tours in terms of which tour they liked best of those two and why! Every moment cumulative of the focus of your of your thoughts that creates a beautiful day!!
Martonio - 25 February, 2012
I was there!
I still get shivers every time I see this intro! Great night, great concert!!!
Philsfan4life94 - 25 January, 2012
Philadelphia show
This was just a great show! loved the beginning to this song, although i think Philly was a bit louder when he started "Beautiful Day" U2 is just amazing. Best. Band. Ever! Can't wait till the next tour ;)
Philsfan4life94 - 17 November, 2011
Philadelphia concert
one of the best concerts ever, by one of the best bands of all time. great song. love their music. hopefully they go on tour again!
U2fan327 - 09 August, 2011
Great intro before the masterpiece Beautiful Day!
- 15 July, 2011
I´m from Germany and U2 teh best I LOVE YOU !!
cpinter1 - 10 July, 2011
I Love You too!
Thnk you so much for this unique experience!
Subculture - 10 July, 2011
Montreal invaded!
It was an awe-inspiring concert experience that will live forever in my memory. I was swept away to another universe and transported into an aural pleasure dome..... Montreal fans rock the world!
emiliokis - 09 July, 2011
WOW from montreal.
This was my favorite part of the show.
chrisfor - 09 July, 2011
Beautiful Day in Space Station: WOW!
Hey guys! Was in Montréal last night. Unbelievable evening... a few feet away, in GA! Emotions were high! Thank you!!!
Jewdrops007 - 08 July, 2011
Beautiful day in Spacestation
That was so well, done good work keep rocking
jarasang - 06 July, 2011
tell my wife i love her very much
what a masterpeice a real visual and audio delight x
an2niski - 02 July, 2011
baltimore show
u2 is the 8th wonder of the world,and their music is the 9th
baltorican - 21 June, 2011
Baltimore Concert
In less than 24 hours I will see live for the first time U2! I am a fan since the 80s. EXCITED.
cartersting - 20 June, 2011
u2 laanheIM
kree841 - 18 June, 2011
anaheim show
Amazing, my first time in GA and I loved it. Love U2 even more now if that is even possible. All I want to do is listen to their music and watch DVD of Rose Bowl. Now, if I could just meet them!!!
kdub - 18 June, 2011
anahiem show
what a concert bono and the boys put on awesome show they really ROCK IT!!!!!
- 11 June, 2011
U2 360.
Amazing tech from a amazing band. Thank you Mr. Clayton, Mullen, Hewson and Evans for breaking the rules. I hope other musicians learn from what you guys have accomplished. Best, Glenn Elfer, Artist/VS2/Mod Men.
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