A Fan Joins The Band

kathmmarcin - 30 May, 2012
This was cool
I was at this show...it was a great moment.
wendyfitz - 11 May, 2012
They've been doin this for years
I remember in Croke Park back in 1987 during the Joshua Tree tour when they brought up a young guy to play guitar for one of their songs..I still remember the kid saying he was in a band called Par Excellence... I have the tape on bootleg still....Memories of a different era!!!
billanddaphne - 06 February, 2012
I was remembering this. I took me wife to this show in Nashville and it couldn't have ended any better.
ubad2 - 12 December, 2011
From the Best to a true fan
As always what a gentleman. What band or musician would be soooo graceful in fulfilling another mans dream. From my heart to all U2 fans, they are the Best of the Best..........UBAD2
edcantwell - 14 November, 2011
A Great Moment in a Great Show
I was at the Nashville show and it was awesome. Nobody has mentioned it but the dude that came on stage to play with U2 was blind.
LSMelo - 11 November, 2011
no words...
This was a unique moment. Long life to U2.
Tami & Steve - 06 November, 2011
What a beautiful sight, in more ways than one. What a thrill for the fan and a gift from the band. After all these years, it goes to show that this group is comprised of four very special human beings.
jafarah - 06 November, 2011
No words, this video says everything: the moment, the song...
cameraman2010 - 27 October, 2011
Just WOW
Wish I stuck with guitar lessons and well wish I was there too. Very cool when you are a fan and U2 music lover. Right place at the right time.. I have to add one of my favorite songs with I will follow at the top of my list.
violinfather - 06 October, 2011
That is why I love U2
What can you say when you see an act of kindness like this! There is much more to U2 than just their incredible music.
blond010 - 30 September, 2011
So fucking COOL!
caller333 - 29 September, 2011
True kindness is amazing and when we see it we thank God.
Jorge_Priole - 15 September, 2011
Hand in the darkness
Thanks to this beautiful attitude of Bono, Adam wrote the song - Hand in the darkness
jrpena - 06 September, 2011
U2 are the Best
No word\'s just enjoy, what you see is U2. enjoy it. I love U2, The best band on this world and others.
suusboonen - 28 August, 2011
I love it when fans come onstage. And I watch every video. But this is far out the best. Bono is an amzing guy giving away his guitar. Dude enjoy it and keep in our your heart....
gommer - 28 August, 2011
Meltdown of the hart
Hard to handle,hart to give.A feeling not to be forgotten,as long as we live.Music has a message,it\'s u2\'s to give.One man\'s instrument is another man\' dream,meltdown of the hart,never to be forgotten and never again to be seen.
- 23 August, 2011
for U2 from Poland
The band U2 was, is and will be the best, unique band that is why we love U2
- 23 August, 2011
for U2 from Poland
just as it is that U2 was 35 years ago and is still a great team as if it was for love and the uniqueness
bubiss - 16 August, 2011
This man loves you!!!!
Cameron m - 10 August, 2011
This is truly an amazing gesture; no other band connects with its audience like this. I am sure every U2 fan out there saw themselves in this guy on stage. First class from Bono and the fan on stage, enjoy the guitar.
busy5mom - 06 August, 2011
What else is there to say but FANTASTASTIC!!! What a class act by Bono.
adamwhite - 04 August, 2011
An amazing moment
monicajarillo@u2.com - 03 August, 2011
The best concert in my life!
This is one of my favorites videos... every time i saw it , i start craying... thank you to all for share shuch a wonderfull song with this gay... Certanly this is my video really touch me!
Brenno - 03 August, 2011
emimasia - 01 August, 2011
oh dios mio!
i have no words... excellent!
jay065 - 31 July, 2011
Class act by a group full of class. Bono is truly amazing
annafromouttaspace - 31 July, 2011
For a real fan, playing a song with your favourite band, is like a dream come true!!
sharon01 - 24 July, 2011
what an amazing moment for that fan, i could feel tears in my eyes but also grinning from ear to ear! Well done for playing the guitar so well. No wonder u2 are the worlds biggest rock band, they give so much.
ChelleB - 23 July, 2011
Amazing Grace.
Giddy up Bono...
rsbntn - 22 July, 2011
All I Want Is.....
More. Was at Nashville show. Thanks so much for the promises and hopes you bring to millions around this small planet!
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