U2 360° Tour 2011

A Fan Joins The Band


06 July, 2011
Reason number 4 million and nineteen why
That was pure class! Thank you Bono, for sharing this video with us and for sharing your heart with your fans: all we want is U2!
05 July, 2011
What A Band!
No other band, that is this big, would ever do this. U2 has always been about their fans and their music, and this moment crystallized that fact perfectly.
05 July, 2011
Music City U2 Style
What a lovely gift to one very special U2 fan at Vanderbilt Stadium that evening. It was one of those moments that every U2 concert gives their fans....a new-wonderful-unforgetable memory, and keeps us coming back for more and more and more.
05 July, 2011
Unbelievable !!!
Is it possible to be that lucky ?? What a great moment.
05 July, 2011
Best Ever
I was at the show in Denver with my son. that show touched me...but this.... AWESOME. you touched my soul!! U2.... You are THE REAL THING!! What a gift! thank you!
05 July, 2011
Moment of surrender
It''s a moment of surrender. Nice gesture Bono. That`s why we love U2.
05 July, 2011
how Cool
this is Bono at his best. What a moment to remember for the fan.
05 July, 2011
why i love U2
this sums up my favorite band. it brings me to tears every time i watch it.
05 July, 2011
Such a great moment !
Thanks for this nice video. When do you come back in France, guys ? I miss you on stage.
05 July, 2011
So great to give him your guitar ! This is why we love you and want you to continue on. Maybe you can come and play in my backyard...literally !
05 July, 2011
What a grand gesture!
The goal is soul? The whole stadium had it that night!
05 July, 2011
How do we top that?
When we thought nothing could top "The Claw", Bono did something even more impressive!!
05 July, 2011
Glad this was captured on video!
Thanks for capturing this moment on video for everyone to enjoy including those who were not in the stadium at that time. I was pretty far away so this was great to see up close after the show. It still tugs at your heart seeing it after the fact. A definite moment of a lifetime and no one was more deserving on this night then this fan. Glad Bono gave him his guitar as reminder!
04 July, 2011
The real thing!
Lovely moment!
04 July, 2011
Great gig!
What a moment! These are U2. This is Bono. These are the reasons why I love them!!!
04 July, 2011
best moment of tour so far!!!
simply awesome :) best moment of tour so far!!!
04 July, 2011
That is a real fan, he loves and plays the U2 songs with only hearing their music and Bono made the correct, Give his green guitar. Awesome!!
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