Please (POP)


falke - 18 June, 2013
Great Video
One of the best U2 videos. I love it. Everytime I watch it. It touches my heart.
crouchwerx - 08 February, 2010
beautiful food for thought
Always moving, this music is touched by God. Great video!
joeman - 04 February, 2010
please video #1
One of the best videos U2 ever put out there. It has everything and gets me emotional whenever I watch. Im sure we all know that is Bob Hewson all scruffy in the video. Love the strings . . .please also might be the best song on the album . . U2 the best music in the world . . peace n love 612joeman
kubel - 04 February, 2010
Popmart was my first tour of U2.I was 13 years old. I love the pop album it's a nice album to play in the summer with songs as Starring at the sun,Velvet dress and Playboy Mansion.Beautiful album to play in my trabant kubel (cabrio). I think please is one of the best political songs of the last 20 years. It's still up to date with everything that's happening around us today.I'll hope you will play it the next tour in europe.
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