U22 - The Fly

bmw1981 - 21 July, 2012
The Fly
I love the footage of The Fly. Although I can't seem to find myself with the fast camera pan. Either way I was very pleased to find one track from the Lansing show. Awesome!
campos9 - 07 June, 2012
My life
The Fly is the song of my life
Liquidforceguy7 - 02 June, 2012
U2 From Spartan Stadium - 2011
Lovei it!! Just noticed 'The Fly" video is from Spartan Stadium in East Lansing. Great show. Loved it!! Hope it is on the video that will be released.
Pammer23 - 29 May, 2012
When can I plan on getting my copy in the mailbox??
NanyandGonzo - 24 May, 2012
Hello over there!!!
Is it my imagination, or the enthusiasm and anticipation for U22? I can't stop writing comments, this one for instance makes me think what you guys see when you're in a concert, all of us there. That was a hell of a stadium, it seems a far could not fit in there, so crowded.
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