'It Might Get Loud'

10 October 2008
'It Might Get Loud'

Edge has been in Toronto this weekend, appearing with Jimmy Page and Jack White at the premiere of a new documentary It Might Get Loud.

Billed as a 'documentary on the electric guitar from the point of view of three rock legends', the film is seen 'through the eyes of three virtuosos from three different generations.

'Audiences get up close and personal, discovering how a furniture upholsterer from Detroit, a studio musician and painter from London and a seventeen-year-old Dublin schoolboy, each used the electric guitar to develop their unique sound and rise to the pantheon of superstar ...'

"It's not just about the technical side or the music,' Edge told reporters at the Toronto Film Festival, 'But the personal journeys that have brought the three of us to doing what we do.'
We'll have more from Edge as we get it - meantime, the lowdown on the film is at the official site here.

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