Forty Days And Counting

20 May 2009
Forty Days And Counting
First night in Barcelona fast approaching and everyone's starting to talk about the set list. Only the band know for sure... but what are you hoping for ?

Safe to say there'll be a good showing of tracks from No Line On The Horizon - so taking a wild guess that 'Boots' and 'Magnificent', the singles, will be in the show, what THREE other songs from No Line are you betting the band will play on opening night ?

Answers in the box below. (Don't forget: this isn't about any three songs you want to see in the show...). Over to you.
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WR - 28 May, 2009
Moment Of Surrender, NLOTH, Stand Up Comedy
oshawafan - 26 May, 2009
White a snow
Breathe, If i dont go crazy........ and i'll go out on a limb and say White as Snow (great song)
roy4075 - 26 May, 2009
Stand Up, No Line on the Horizon, Unknown Caller
wuschel2000 - 26 May, 2009
i hope it is....
breathe,NLOTH,Stand up comedy
dybel - 26 May, 2009
song list
Magnificent, White As Snow, I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight
SeanNY - 25 May, 2009
New liner
They will have to play the best song on the album.....Moment of surrender. They will probably slip in White as snow and, crazy tonight as well,,.,,
rubtiem77 - 25 May, 2009
3 songs
Fez-Being Born (opening song) Unknown Caller No line on the horizon
sam_speers - 25 May, 2009
gotta play stand up
Breathe, I'll Go Crazy, STAND UP COMEDY
MjWessel - 25 May, 2009
mike w
breathe no line stand up
bonette - 25 May, 2009
I bet they'll play NLOTH, Moment of Surrender and Breathe
Mr. McPhisto - 25 May, 2009
Opening Night Songs List
I believe that these should the first three songs from the first concert: Magnificent, I'll Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight, No LineOn The Horizon
gypsyheart23 - 25 May, 2009
My picks
NLOTH, Breathe, Crazy Tonight
Dan McInerney - 24 May, 2009
Moment of Surrender, Breath, Unknown Caller
paydirtKC - 24 May, 2009
Count on . . .
Breathe, Crazy Tonight, Stand Up Comedy
belenhermoso - 24 May, 2009
Magnificent, Moment of surrender, Unkown caller...
robbiepalmer - 24 May, 2009
Got to beNLOTH, hopefully Breathe and Cedars of Lebanon!!!!
JRPalmer - 24 May, 2009
Other 3 songs
Fez, NLOTH, Crazy Tonight
erikd16 - 22 May, 2009
3 songs
No Line, Unknown Caller, Breathe
zheyla - 21 May, 2009
no line on teh horizon, i'll go cracy, stand up comedy
daduran - 21 May, 2009
No line on the horizon, unknown caller & Breathe
Reilly Roo - 21 May, 2009
No Line on the Horizon, Stand Up Comedy, and White as Snow.
kungfudancin - 21 May, 2009
I'll Go Crazy, Stand Up Comedy, Breathe
Flyerschick97 - 21 May, 2009
No line on the horizon, I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight, and stand up comedy.
daniel_2003 - 21 May, 2009
And The Winners Are:
Moment of Surrender, FEZ & Breathe... Come to MONTREAL!!
mcgizmo - 21 May, 2009
No Line Songs
I think they will be Fez, Ceaders, and breathe. All very powerful songs.
liljbau - 21 May, 2009
I'm Going Crazy waiting for this thing
fez, , Crazy, No Line-- Fez will open the thing- that Bass line , atmospheric stuff at the beginning is PERFECT for opening!!! NOT more perfect than Streets- but can anything be?
Blue Cross - 21 May, 2009
Please! Include the following songs
No line on the horizon, Breathe and Stand up comedy
dicker618 - 21 May, 2009
Other 3 Songs
Breathe, No Line On The Horizon, Moment Of Surrender
U2Fan101 - 21 May, 2009
Opening Night
Breathe, Stand Up Comedy, No Line on the Horizon
KittyCatClaudine - 21 May, 2009
Unknown Caller, Moment of Surrender,Cedars of Lebanon
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