A Day In The Life Of The Edge


He didn't really want to be woken up at all, but one day on the last tour, Bono arrived in Edge's hotel room at the crack of dawn, camera on his shoulder, ready to shoot 'A Day In The Life of Edge' for Current TV.

'I don't want to be on the news, ' protests Edge, trying to hide under his pillow. 'You want to be on the news.' But Bono will not be dissuaded and spends the day trailing the guitarist from wake-up call to showtime, from beach to rigorous personal fitness regime. (Don't miss the Blackberry Yoga : 'I like to exercise once or twice... every four to eight weeks.'

alexsmirnov194 - 09 March, 2014
Can't hear what sort of yoga Edge's doing. Dabokhee? Da Bohee?
- 15 August, 2010
a day in the life of the edge
i love the edge
Redhead11 - 12 April, 2010
HAHAHA! I love to see the guys when they aren't all "in the zone" on stage. Imagine Larry's! :)
benkica - 12 April, 2010
omg this is sooo funny.. poor Edge ;)
fernando123 - 05 February, 2010
''I dont wanna be on the news, you wanna be on the news'' xD
- 19 January, 2010
Funny stuff, guys...too funny. BTW, Edge, all the rooms are like that. ;-) cheers
- 26 October, 2009
So great! Love that Welsh yoga. Thanks so much for sharing! Please keep them coming! :)
seaniesson - 15 August, 2009
HaHaHa very funny guys (I know you probably wont see this but anyway)...saw you in concert at Wembley for the first time last night (at age 35) Was fantastic cheers
mamasankiley - 27 July, 2009
A day in the life of the Edge
Current TV and The Edge???? It doesn't get any better than this! Thank you all parties involved! More please!
- 27 July, 2009
A day in the life of Edge Xcellent
Now that's what you call entertainment, some real life interaction, with aux ntural flow, lol Great relaxed mood, this is known to be essential for successful Berry Ping Welsh Yoga. Great concert on Friday in croke stadium Dublin
dinogomezu25 - 11 June, 2009
it always nice to know they are human. Loved it, please keep it up.
dinogomezu25 - 11 June, 2009
it always nice to know they are human. Loved it, please keep it up.
Vancouver - 06 June, 2009
Oh god this was hilarious, especially Edges crack about going to where the people are and separating the factions from S Beach and ? . Is that a hotel room and if so how many days ? It would seem a waste to simply check in and out of that suite, amazing rooftop ! Gotta luv the yoga too :)
Whitedudemco - 05 June, 2009
Remember this day very well......actually got to meet and talk to Edge and Bono as Bono filmed us. Wish they used the footage!!!
gaggsy - 05 June, 2009
Feckin Deaaaadly. Should be one every week!
frankconnell - 05 June, 2009
Missed this a lot since I first saw it a long while ago -  I just love when he says 'you said eleven - it's fuckin' half eight" - just makes me laugh out loud, know that feeling
trinn - 05 June, 2009
You two crack me up. Love this!
alxzoo71 - 05 June, 2009
I hope there is an updated version of this for the new tour, as silly as it may be, I do enjoy this stuff quite a bit.
daddysgirl - 05 June, 2009
ahhhh, poor Edge, I totally feel the pain as I havego through a similar ordeal EVERY morning, and awakend upleasantly against my will hahaha. Nice Yoga techniques hahah.Sting by the way practices ashtanga yoga hahahahaahah....I perfer tai chi :) and know nothing about yoga...Thanks Bono and the Edge for the entertainment....I loved it
maela62 - 04 June, 2009
i liked it a lot since the first time i watched this clip, i confirm again , it is good!
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