Countdown Day 7

30 July 2010
Countdown Day 7
Where did this thing come from ? What does it do ? Who left it here?

Imagine you'd never seen this before. What do you think it could be? (Let us know, below) Seven days and counting until the opening night in Turin.

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u24taz - 04 August, 2010
Different Perspective
It's the bridge. I should know since I was below it eveytime it moved for The Edge to walk over it during the Rose Bowl show.
U2bad69 - 02 August, 2010
It looks like the Saint Louis Arch on steroids!
CaptainCatholic5887 - 01 August, 2010
A Massive Radioactive Spider
What else would it be?
MAIZA - 01 August, 2010
It' obvious...
It' s from a Boy who was in a park called Joshua Tree and saw that incridible thing. So he went to Mart, actually, Pop Mart, and came back to a Vertigo place. After all that 360 degrees trip (in wich other places were visited), finally he learned that it was one of All The Things You Can't Leave Behind ... Kisses for you, Boys!!! Maiza (Brasil).
MagnificentAMP - 01 August, 2010
Did I get it right?
One of the bridges from the 360 stage?? Did I win the big prize?? Meeting my fave 4 guys?? LOL!!
Marcel76 - 01 August, 2010
reach your hands
the bridge. but here not over troubled water ;-) over the fans :-)
KatzMuzik - 01 August, 2010
it's the Claw Bridge
The Claw Bridge handle and steps of which i was five people away from the circle where i got great pics of bono the edge and Larry and Adam when i saw them in Chicago on sept 13th 2009.from Mark Souce Winnipeg Manitoba Canada's biggest U2 fan
Squince - 01 August, 2010
The Edge's new guitar from space
........Left behind as he was distracted by a nearby keyboard.
birdsong - 01 August, 2010
Magical Mystery
This is a device which pulls energy to and from the universe. It channels good feelings through good music and creative ideas. The device causes the humans who walk upon (and around) the planet Earth to become better at the art of living. It helps love to grow.
- 31 July, 2010
this is...
a bridge from the claw of course! :) love from france!
- 31 July, 2010
it's a spaceship
- 31 July, 2010
Lovely U2
WOW! I can not tell you how excited I really am about U2 is returning back with power of GOD. I was praying all this time to our wonderful GOD to watch over Bono’s back and he did. I was hoping to see them in Ph but they are not touring until next year. Bono I wish you the very best in life and counting success in life my GOD bless you with his LOVE. We are very lucky to see you performing again. love you more than anything in this world. I Blessing this is for us to seeing you. LOVE Akela
midas99 - 31 July, 2010
HG Wells Imagination
A War of the Worlds
Jed212 - 31 July, 2010
nkokic - 31 July, 2010
Beautiful place.....
Beautiful place where I would like to be every day..... :-)
M31 - 31 July, 2010
Isn't it obvious everyone? This is the alien spaceship that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947...these pictures have been highly classified until now!! Rumour has it that four aliens survived the crash but where are they???? : )
smilla88 - 31 July, 2010
can't wait!
This is a LEMON. :D
wildhoney76 - 31 July, 2010
railawys for the moving cameras... shot from a different angle ..to get us mad :D:D
reddy - 31 July, 2010
Come On
Whom ever is in charge of the video clips, please make them a bit longer Fan form Ireland
Siggie - 31 July, 2010
it's Bono's microphone, he must have left it in a rush!!!! enjoying the countdown and hope all goes well in Turin, don't over do it Bono!!
eibbeda - 31 July, 2010
What is it?
A ghost ship's steering wheel.
mras - 31 July, 2010
Steps and railing up to heaven. Best regards Morten Rasmussen. Denmark
Arkoudos - 31 July, 2010
The Bridge that connects the main stage with the outer circle
smilla88 - 31 July, 2010
can't wait!
This is a LEMON. :D
Yogic - 30 July, 2010
Alfred Hitchcock left his giant spokey gerbal wheel... In the red room? : ).
u2liftmysoul - 30 July, 2010
if I had never seen it...
...I would have imagined it to be some underwater landscape with glowing jellyfish and octopi and coral and stuff! lol :D 7 DAYS!!! WHOO HOO!!
UCCIA - 30 July, 2010
countdown 7
racerman - 30 July, 2010
more simple!
gungamark - 30 July, 2010
What Could It Be?
I believe it is one of the two railings on the moving bridges connecting the outer stage to the inner.
U2team.com - 30 July, 2010
It Might be...
Lost! Season 7... :-)
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