Countdown Day 4

Four nights from now and it'll all be kicking off.

The band are in Turin, rehearsals are underway and The Edge is in the house.

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sarahbrasil - 08 August, 2010
Marleenie - 07 August, 2010
Happy Birthday!
I'd sing Happy Birthday to you but I couldn't get insurance coverage for any possible damage that might cause you. Hope your day ahead is a wonderful one.
smurphy35 - 05 August, 2010
looks god
looks good sounds good cant wait for 17th of september in munich 2 irish guys going from dublin to munich to see the 360 tour for the 5th time and larry if your reading this up the dubs
- 04 August, 2010
wow, can't wait to see the guys in vienna! I'm counting the days...
karenlawler - 04 August, 2010
Getting Better all the Time
Can't wait to see The Edge in Chicago next summer!
- 03 August, 2010
U know who this is?...
...This is The Edge!...he moves in mysterious ways
alibono - 03 August, 2010
Oh my...can´t wait!!! I am so excited. I just can´t hide it!!!
loveandpeace83 - 03 August, 2010
The Edge : "The Best Guitarist of the world" Soon your Birthday :=) Kiss loveandpeace83 (U2--forever ^^)
dankilg - 03 August, 2010
Please play....
Lads,ye have to play When I look at the World..This can be amazing live..
LooterU2 - 03 August, 2010
New stuff!
Have you all been checking out the two new songs they rehearsed?
pepette - 03 August, 2010
What can I say more!!!!! I really love The Edge ^^
- 03 August, 2010
Waiting Turin Event
I can't WAIT.....
dereski - 03 August, 2010
#1 Edge
The Edge is #1 guitar player in the world and nobody can play the way he does!!!
bolsan - 03 August, 2010
Just 4 days!
You are already here.... Could you came near Milan for a little visit? See you on frinday! Sandra
herrholzer - 03 August, 2010
ist die schönste Stadt der Welt... See you at "Big City Nights"... I will also see you in Denmark (Horsens)
musicabona - 03 August, 2010
August 30th will teach me how to stand up of a scientist!!!
louie40 - 02 August, 2010
The Edge - you are so cool
Hope you've been doing your yoga to shape up for the tour! Good luck for Friday night & then see you in Seville guys xx
rafus211 - 02 August, 2010
It's great, maybe a coincidence, but my favorite group in Turín(the city of my favorite team) is just great
crimsonstrat777 - 02 August, 2010
deeebeee53 - 02 August, 2010
End of the azzuri brick road....
Achtung bambinos!!!!!! There'll be a bona-fida NORTHSIDER celebrating his birthday on the last night of the European tour in the ETERNAL(LY-GRATEFUL!!) city of Roma!!!BUT CAN U SPOT HIM??!!! Here's a clue...I'll be wearing a NORTHSIDER DUBLIN 13 shirt at d front!!!! Look forward to seeing d BAULD BONO & saying "Janey mac, I love d new back"!!! Bring on d real stadio olimpico!!!!
ottodj8 - 02 August, 2010
Torino is the U2 house!!!
we are in the house of the Edge
leafsrone - 02 August, 2010
This September 18th will mark the 8th time I will have had the privilege of attending a U2 concert, and I am excited to say this show will be in Paris, the other 7 shows have been in my beloved Vancouver, Canada. Thanks for 23 years of live brilliance, and if I have but one request it would be for "Bad" to make an appearance on that nights' set list. Thanks all.
mssarajevo - 02 August, 2010
You rock the Edge!
Good luck with European leg of your tour guys! I hope everything goes well so we can see you here in the States as soon as possible. Lots of love to all- Bono, the Edge, Larry and Adam. Kisses from San Diego
sofii - 02 August, 2010
fantastic! great videoo!! just 4 days!! =D
garciaricky0019 - 02 August, 2010
Dear Edge, Please do not drop Ultraviolet but thank you for possibly bringing back Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me! Please consider adding GONE and THE FLY! Thank You,
canobie - 02 August, 2010
the man
the edge is the man... 4 days!!!!! cant wait to see if any new songs are on the set list
MAIZA - 02 August, 2010
That's Spock, from the space, you know ... And he looks gorgeus! Heeeyyyy, where are the others (I mean Gable, Dean and De Vitto ...
hicksong - 02 August, 2010
Stretch.......Breathe.......PLay Fez........Stretch........Breathe......PLay Fez..........Stretch.......Breathe.........PLay Fez.........Fez........PLay......... Play the Fez..........Fez feels left out.........a gem........underworld assistance Fez.........PLEASE........for grins........
jennk15 - 02 August, 2010
Bring Back Bad and 40
To make sure I weep openly in Paris, please play Bad, 40, and All I Want is You. And would LOVE to hear Gloria!!! Did I ask too much? More than a lot?
longshotz40 - 02 August, 2010
see you in 2011,cant wait for the new album!! Im getting excited
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