Countdown Day 2

04 August 2010
Countdown Day 2
Forty eight hours to go and we're getting close to lift off. On stage in Turin Adam Clayton is playing the bass guitar.

And looking good.

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doutora - 08 September, 2010
I would like very much to meet you.Love you!
doutora - 24 August, 2010
Casual things
Say something casual...
doutora - 23 August, 2010
Don't marry her,marry me:-)
- 23 August, 2010
doutora - 21 August, 2010
Crazy who says,it's not happy! I' so crazy and will not cure myself I'm happy...
doutora - 19 August, 2010
Where are you!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adaaaaam! Waiting for you in Brazil! Please!
u2fan92 - 16 August, 2010
I have been a devoted fan for a VERY long time and I will never get over how Sexy, Cool, and Stunning this man is.
musicabona - 08 August, 2010
All songs reveal Adam;s strength to create melodic lines, which make the music flow constantly. When he plays "Mysterious Ways" he contributes so much to the sexy groove and during the 360 Tour he is the definite star of "Get On Your Boots", a track with the most thrilling bass lines ever. Adam Clayton is U2;s party animal, popsmart gentleman and wise spirit!
lidiamaria - 07 August, 2010
Great in White
You look great dressed in white!!! It goes with your hair... Beautiful...In stage you outstand among all others. The finest choice indeed; the award for better outfit, better dressed man in the whole world goes to... Adam Clayton !
cherandfaith3 - 06 August, 2010
Hot in White
Wow, Adam, you are smoking hot in the white outfit. I think it's the pants. Not every man can wear white pants, lol. You, darling, just showed them how to do it. So gorgeous! Rock on!
- 06 August, 2010
The show was wonderful.
lisa_usa - 05 August, 2010
Pop Tart...
Pop Tart is smokin hot in this clip.... J & M & L (Adam's Girls)
jossan - 05 August, 2010
He is so coo!!!
mssarajevo - 05 August, 2010
Mr. Adam Clayton
Very cool and very good looking and sounding Mister! Good luck with European leg of tour Adam. Can't wait to see you all together in 2011 in CA. Lots of love
ceallach67 - 05 August, 2010
Looking good
It's ALL about the bass! Can't wait to see you in Philly.
carriemunky - 05 August, 2010
Mr Cool
If you look up cool in the Oxford dictionary it says in bold letters Mr Adam Clayton. Roll on Paris whay hey.
Gary412 - 05 August, 2010
Welcome in Moscow! I like Ultraviolet
Jayge - 05 August, 2010
Please, don't drop this MASTERPIECE! Play this song again and again!!!!
bolsan - 05 August, 2010
Waiting for your sound
Yes.... I'm waiting for your sound! I can't wait so long! Kisses and... See you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Leah - 04 August, 2010
My god.....
...could Adam get any better looking?! I'm having palpitations from the vision of him in his white ensemble. Must make a note to pack an AED (automatic external defibrillator) with me when I see them in Seattle next June. His seductive bass playing may just interrupt my heart rhythm.
TheUltravylet - 04 August, 2010
Elegant Adam has arrived
bringing the heart, soul, and rock star power.
lisa_usa - 04 August, 2010
Beyond Hot...
Adam is a vision in white...I hope he wears the same outfit at the concert. Adam is looking so beyond hot. (as usual)...J & M & L (Adam's Girls).
dublin240605 - 04 August, 2010
always good
Hi Adam, you look always good, I guess ;-) Really happy to see you back on stage tomorrow. And I hope you will see me. Christina
Goanna - 04 August, 2010
so cruel
Can you see my tears - how can i wait so long for you guys to come to Sydney! What a fantastic night Turin will have- wish i was there- Blessings for a stupendously fabulous night! Enjoy all those who enter into the claw!
keith360 - 04 August, 2010
Adam Clayton
Adam absolutely rocks; and so do these countdown videos. I'm excited for Friday night. I vividly remember getting prepared to see the band last October in Tampa. Awesome feeling. I'm excited for all who get to see them starting Friday night. Anyone know who the opening act is in Turin?
KatzMuzik - 04 August, 2010
Adam has a way with the Ladies he rocks
Adam has always had a way with the ladies his Bass has serious powers over the women folk cheers Adam Good luck in Turin and see you in Denver and Montreal in 2001 from Mark Souce Winnipeg Manitoba's biggest U2 fan.
hicksong - 04 August, 2010
Stretch ..... Breathe ........Play Fez........Stretch.....Breathe.......Play Fez.........Stretch.....Breathe......Play Fez........Don't be afraid of it......It's only Fez......It;s only the best song on the record..........The world needs a little Fez......Stretch......Breathe.......Play Fezzzzzzzzzzzzz
nkokic - 04 August, 2010
Adam thank you!
Thank you for your beautiful smile in Torino're wonderful..... natasa
fooboto - 04 August, 2010
Vancouver CANADA
hapy - 04 August, 2010
very good
When Adam plays his bass guitar we all have fun and look good. See you soon.
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