Follow The Show in Rome

07 October 2010
Follow The Show in Rome
Coming to the final European show in Rome and planning to tweet ? Use the hashtag #U2360rome.

If you're not in Rome keep in touch with the build up of the show on Zootopia in this thread or, if you're signed in as a U2.com subscriber, on this thread, before and during the show.

As well as keeping open a window on Zootopia, pull open another one on the U2.com Tour Page - that's where you'll find a live Fan Feed from Twitter and Facebook.

And after the show, check back here where we'll have a report, the complete set list... and you can see the reviews and photos that people who were at the show have been adding.
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giuseppelaselva - 12 October, 2010
To my girl... you so beautiful tonight
It was magic to sing.... OOOOHHH YOUUUU LOOOOOK SSSOOO BEAUTIFUL TONIIIIGHT....... saw her in her eyes
Finglasfollower - 11 October, 2010
Thank you
Finglas Follower here.... thanks for an amazing night in Rome last Friday.. that makes 6, the amount of times I have been lucky enough to catch the show... and its still not enough.... brilliant gig xx
crisvox - 10 October, 2010
DonnaO\'Neil - 10 October, 2010
The Boys Played ROCK &ROMA
Well- I got there got in and of course in was Magnificent! I made the sound check and many new friends. I love U2 fans. Thank you cluttercoco for you positive energy & good wishes, I'm sure it helped. I have some good picture and flip movies. I will try and submit. blueskies..;D
- 10 October, 2010
Thank you so much :)
Guys, I simply want to thank you for the amazing show: you reminded me how much I love you and why. Can't wait to see you again!
doutora - 09 October, 2010
São Paulo-Brazil.
mariovox - 09 October, 2010
u2 my life
one of the best moments of my life "THANK YOU" U2 # 1 in the world and in my heart
mich40 - 09 October, 2010
Live Thread
Got to follow most of the show yesterday. What a way to way to end the Euro leg. The show sounded amazing. As always, we had a blast in the paid live thread. Yesterday was bittersweet. Great show, great conversation, but will be a while before we all get together again. Many thanks to U2 and to Bajagirl and Bigwave for what they do. And to Max for always the humor and keeping the setlists updated for us.
- 09 October, 2010
The greatest rock band of the universe, landed on planet Earth, in Rome, 8 october 2010, Stadio Olimpico. :-))))
isafrance - 08 October, 2010
Very lucky !
I was in Paris and Brussel and wish Italians to enjoy a lot as I !! C'était énorme !! Have fun tonight and Kisses Bono and all Band !
- 08 October, 2010
"It's a beautiful day! Don't let it get away!" :-))))
jaimitiho - 07 October, 2010
Italians waits 4 you
Tomorrow italy and Ireland will marry once again...
matildemendes - 07 October, 2010
How I wish...
... to be there to keep this feeling of hapiness after Coimbra!!! Thank you again! Never forget Portugal and keep us allways in your tours!!!
cluttercoco - 07 October, 2010
Donna, awesome!
Donna, you live 'dangerously', travelling without a ticket!! i have done it too...there is always a ticket! have a great time!!
DonnaO\'Neil - 07 October, 2010
The Boys Play Rock and Roma!
Leaving on a Jet Plane..can't wait. I know I'll go crazy... if I dont go crazy tonight...Hope I can make the sound check and find a ticket when I arrive. ;D
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