Return To South Africa

22 October 2010
Return To South Africa
'The show will look amazing in South Africa ...'

U2.com caught up with U2's manager Paul McGuinness and 360° Tour Manager Jake Berry ahead of the announcement that the band are returning to South Africa.

- 09 November, 2010
Fransie Drijfhout
I am a big U2 fan and wish that they would consider another concert in Johannesburg South Africa - and not on a Sunday!
ShelbyThay - 05 November, 2010
Well I must say that we were over-the-top-hugely-electrified that you would be visiting South Africa again, albeit with a somewhat bitter aftertaste, as we travelled to the States for the 360 tour - thinking that you would not grace SA shores. And then after trying to buy those "special--up-close-taste-the-sweat" tickets advertised for subscribers and not succeeding, more so the yuck feeling. Nevertheless, we shall be there, your die-hard fans, loving you since our teens and living the adventure that is life along to your "shine-a-torch-on-the-soul" tunes.
mariel875 - 01 November, 2010
Shiko_m - 28 October, 2010
THIS SHOW GOING TO R O C K !!! LITERALLY. After over 10 years coming back to the continent they done so much for plus the structural shape of the Cape Town Stadium going to give this experience a whole different meaning. my fourth time to watch this concert - this time from the Red Zone area. E X C I T M E N T !!!
baby - 27 October, 2010
Nashville TOO!
Dear, Dear Bono, Edge, Adam & Larry, You Make my dreams come true! I'll see you in Miami AND Nashville with three of My Best Friends!!! Many, Many, Many THANK YOUS! Love, Lisa in ATL
Billy1234 - 26 October, 2010
Yes... I saw U2 back in 1987 in Murfreesboro, TN. I now have tickets for next July. My enthusiasm is the same as it was 23 years ago as a 21 year old. A dream come true......
drew_carr - 26 October, 2010
Feb 13th = beautiful day
Jozi will rock into Valentines Day, aware that its been a beautiful day! BRING IT ON!
Radebe - 26 October, 2010
U2 carries me
Growing up in the Kalahari desert in the 90s my first U2 tape was, surprisingly, Zooropa. The song 'First Time' changed my life. I loved U2 since. With God's blessings I managed to catch the Elevation tour in Buffalo, NY USA. I was blown away. I since collected all live videos available. Now them coming to my door step, What can stop me from being in the red zone? Id walk from Gaborone to Jo'burg. Sure i would. ROCK ON THE WORLD'S SUPER BAND.
tan_lejos_tan_cerca - 26 October, 2010
Have fun a lot!!
I hope you have fun a lot with your absolutely amazing 360º show going around the world. Rock South Africa!!
skalichman - 25 October, 2010
SA is Selling Out
I am visiting Cape Town..the place is U2 crazy.. amazing energy here. I will be back in Feb for Cape Town Show in the RedZone..THANKS GARY!
McCann4U2 - 25 October, 2010
Howzit from Cape Town
We are so excited to welcome back the biggest band in the world with the greatest show on earth. Bring it on in 360 degrees. World Cup 2010 - Step aside and let the real show begin. We LOVE U2!!!
Landinho - 25 October, 2010
U2 Brazil 2011
When in Brazil? I love U2.
Superolz - 23 October, 2010
Opening Band!
What about bringing a opening band like Lenny Kravitz or Kings of Leon or Linkin Park with you guys to grace us in SA!
DRNIC - 23 October, 2010
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