Five Billion More Pixels...

23 February 2011
Five Billion More Pixels...
Were you at the show in Cape Town ?

The 5billion pixel FANCAM captured another stunning interactive image of the night.

Check out FANCAM at Cape Town Stadium - or at Soccer City Jo'burg:

Explore the stadium - zoom in and tag yourself or your friends.

Share the image on Facebook or Twitter - email it to your mates.

Tell us what you think in the comments box below.

(The FANCAM is flash-based and may not be available on all devices. It's in beta-mode with U2.com right now and differing conditions in venues will affect the final image captured.)
olavobneto - 22 March, 2011
Amazing!!! Realy fun, so please, FANCAM in Brazil at the 3 shows!!! Please!!!!
RedHill - 14 March, 2011
The clarity of the picture is really something. I hope this is used in the US too.
kambiado - 10 March, 2011
Hi! I can't wait to see you guys!!! I hope you have this fancam here in Chile..=) Have you...think about let in people upload pictures of the stadium from where they were in the show? to see what they say?? 15 dias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cobber - 10 March, 2011
I sure wish you had this happening at the Sydney shows!! Its wicked!
lucbaggins - 08 March, 2011
4 d luv of GOD bring it to Argentina!!!
Hi wer 3 friends from Peru comming 2 the april 3rd show, we cant wait 2 b there and we'd love to have the FanCam please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! looks AWESOME!!!!!!!
NancyV - 08 March, 2011
Pleaseeeeeee in Argentinaaa
We want FanCam here too!!!!! It's really amazing!!!!!! Please bring it to the shows!!!
Richardu2 - 07 March, 2011
Looks great! Hopefully also in all the upcoming shows... 25 in Chile, I will be there!! Are there more Chiliean U2 fans?
Andreia_Rizzato - 05 March, 2011
FANCAM in U2's shows in Brazil!!!
Please, we want FANCAM in Brazil too. Very cool!!!! :-)
Beckii - 28 February, 2011
See you in NYC!
The FANCAM is amazing, would be great if it is used at every show. Flying from Sheffield to New York, to see U2 the day after my 18th birthday.. hope the 'fancam' goes to NY! :)
nestitor - 27 February, 2011
MARZO 25!!!!!
Heyyy U2!!! Partyyy of 4!!!, Hope ur camera is ready 4 this day. Me and a huge bunch of my buddies are gonna fly down to chile and we have 2 be in the pix, 1 way r another!!!!
Allegra - 27 February, 2011
This is so cool! But as someone else stated before, it needs to be raised up higher above all the equipment on the stage in order to see everyone on the floor. I can't wait for Denver! Hope to see myself there!
Befris - 26 February, 2011
We want FANCAM in all 3 shows in Brazil. Please... Please... Please...
listener37 - 26 February, 2011
Listener in WA
Very cool!
wolle01 - 26 February, 2011
All Shows!
A very funny thing, I would love to see this from ALL U2-concerts ! Pleeease !!!!
TottiU2 - 25 February, 2011
What a nice way to use modern technology. Awesome... Wohooo! LETMEINTHESOUND
Michelle001 - 25 February, 2011
I hope you all use the 5billion pixel FANCAM during the Seattle show in June! That would be wonderful.
dudamaciel - 25 February, 2011
Very fun! Will we have FANCAM in U2's shows in Brazil? It would wonderful!
bobczx2 - 25 February, 2011
fancam at everyshow
This was really neat. What are the chances of haveing this for everyshow?
regaladou2 - 24 February, 2011
also in mexico (may 14 )please we beg you u2 i talk in the voice of mexico
U21310 - 24 February, 2011
joshuatreenl - 24 February, 2011
Amazing but...
Really amazing such 360 FANCAM, but is it not possible to make the 360 picture a little bit higher, so that we can see who is standing at the frontrail. See picture (C=camera): ####### # # # C # # # # --S T A G E-- # # #
jgomez - 23 February, 2011
Please, we need a "FANCAM" at the first show in Argentina (March, 30). It´s really amazing!
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