What Will They Play ?

16 June 2011
What Will They Play ?
It's barely a week until U2  finally walk out on stage to headline the opening night at the UK's  Glastonbury Festival.

With 150,000 at Worthy Farm and a TV audience of millions, everyone's talking about what the band will play.

After two years  on the road there's any number of tracks they could choose from.

So what do you think? Your best guess for what will be in the set ?

Let's not make this too easy...  tell us FIVE tracks you have a hunch will definitely be in the show.
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Lucky7774 - 22 June, 2011
One with Beyonce.... also...
Promenade would be great to be finally played after all these years....
pop4fizz - 22 June, 2011
Glasto Setlist
So hard to choose!! 1. Pride, 2. Streets, 3. Beautiful Day, 4. One, 5. Magnificent
ivancitohig - 21 June, 2011
Achtung List
i hope they play: 1) Even better than the real thing, 2) Bad, 3) Ultraviolet, 4) the fly 5) Zooropa
smileypooh - 21 June, 2011
glatonbury setlist
streets, when love comes with bb, still havent found with bb, miss sarajevo, beautiful day or beautiful day, rise above with reeve carney, zooropa, sunday bloody sunday, ultraviolet
yasnara - 21 June, 2011
1.- luminous times (hold on to love). 2. Acrobat. 3. Spanish Eyes. 4. Discotheque. 5. If God will send his Angels.
rickyvox69 - 21 June, 2011
Setlist Glastonbury
1. Exit 2. Acrobat 3. Please 4. A sort of homecoming 5. The unforgettable fire
arsouza - 21 June, 2011
arsouza - 21 June, 2011
BAD and tryin your arms around the world
patrick82 - 21 June, 2011
Come on guys!! Hope I can hear you or ev
1. Even better 2.I will follow 3.Streets 4. the fly 5. When love comes to town
Paradjanov - 20 June, 2011
i think that U2:
will open with STREETS, perform also OUT OF CONTROL, BAD and WHEN LOVE COMES TO TOWN with B.B. King and end with "40"
JavitoU2 - 20 June, 2011
Some Surprise with B.B.
Magnificent Zooropa Where the Streets Stories for boys When love comes to town, With BB KING!!!!
wainwright - 20 June, 2011
fingers crossed
the fly, out of control, verigo (inc stories for boys), beautiful day & one
Redhead11 - 20 June, 2011
1 Mercy (one of the best songs since the 90s) 2 The Fly 3 Glastonbury 4 Discotheque 5 Bad or Running to Stand Still
jpdickson - 20 June, 2011
See you down the front boys!
1. Out Of Control 2. Bad 3. Streets 4. Pride 5. With or without you (shine like stars!)
sazshackle - 20 June, 2011
Beautiful Day,Where the Streets have no Name, Pride,When love comes to Town with Mr B.B. King,get on your (wellington) Boots! :D
sharke00 - 20 June, 2011
Wish List for Philly..
PatrickHM - 20 June, 2011
Zooropa MUST stay :P
ZOOROPA The Fly Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me Ultraviolet Bag and did I mention ZOOROPA??? :P
massimocolella - 20 June, 2011
Acrobat, acrobat, acrobat and acrobat again!!!!!
mickos - 20 June, 2011
Only 5?!
The Fly, Streets, Bad, With or Without You, Pride
ajufe - 19 June, 2011
Hottest rock ticket for Glastonbury!
Mofo, The Fly, Lemon, Hertland, When Love Comes To Town with B.B. King!
toropuke - 19 June, 2011
Anything would be fine by me as long as
But the One, Crazy Tonight, I will Follow, Real Thing and Bad would be a good mix!!!!!!!!!!
ces_u2 - 18 June, 2011
Viva Mexico!!! again
1.- The Fly. 2.- Glastonbury 3.- Rejoice 4.- Bad 5.- Electric co.
itsall_icando - 18 June, 2011
Songs of a festival
1, Two Hearts Beat As One 2, All Along The Watchtower 3, Zooropa 4, Mofo 5, Out Of Control with the energy of the 80s
VaniC - 18 June, 2011
only 5??
Breathe, the Fly, UV, One, Hawkmoon. And Stay, and Out of control, and Vertido and Elevation. Agüente La plata!!
arikel - 18 June, 2011
At least one out of these
Lemon, Mofo, Unknown Caller, White as Snow, The Fly
lu2cho - 18 June, 2011
from Punta Arenas, Chile
1.- So cruel, Fez, zooropa, acrobat, God part 2.
willo66 - 18 June, 2011
Just Rock It!
They need to just Rock the place, Out of Control is a must, Streets, The Fly would be great, End of the World and Still Havnt Found for a crowd singalong and Elevation.
Avalos - 18 June, 2011
God, we love u2, and do not mention the best song of them "ACROBAT".
keitia - 18 June, 2011
5 songs - from Brazil
1. Zooropa; 2. Out of control; 3. Where the streets have no name; 4. Get on your boots; 5.Beautiful day
AcrobatUtopia - 18 June, 2011
5 songs
1 acrobat, 2 lemon, 3 Love Comes Tumbling, 4 mofo guitar version!!! 5 bullet the blue sky
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