'U22' - The Ultimate U2360° Setlist

28 October 2011
'U22' - The Ultimate U2360° Setlist
U2360°. 110 shows. 30 countries. 7 million fans.

It was the tour that broke all the records and right now on our subscriber site voting has opened to select the tracks that will appear on 'U22', a live double-CD and the ultimate U2360° setlist.

Over 26 months the band performed songs from their most recent album No Line On The Horizon all the way back to Boy, their debut, playing at least 22 tracks a night.

So what were the stand-out songs? The tracks which defined this tour ? Is there a song you could never leave out of a U2 set? What surprised you on U2360° and what track never failed to deliver?

Become a subscriber to U2.com and cast your vote today. When the voting period is over we'll reveal the final tracklisting and subscribers will receive their own copy of 'U22'. Presented in a custom-designed gatefold sleeve, this special release includes a handsome, large format booklet documenting the tour with insider photography, liner notes and commentary.

'U22' is a limited-edition release for U2.com subscribers.

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PedroPaiva - 23 May, 2012
Helo: Im a big fan of U2, even went to see them at Portugal in Coimbra, 1,5 years after i hade a big accident in Spain - i was by a reuck of 80 ton at 60 km/hour, so 2 months in a coma between live and dead, and 6 months making medical recovery work in Spain. after i came back home/country so when they came to my country i couldnt not see them. So i ask when this CD - U22 - will be available? Regards, Pedro
- 29 April, 2012
Ultimate Concert Playlist
City of Blinding Lights- Vertigo - Get On Your Boots- Crazy- Magnificent- Mysterious Ways- Elevation- Beautiful Day- Sunday Bloody Sunday- I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For- Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out- Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses- One Tree Hill- Running to Stand Still- Where The Streets Have No Name- Pride (In The Name of Love)- One- Bad- With or Without You- Walk On
Pablo_Paranhos - 26 January, 2012
U22 Forever
the setlist was very very good. I loved. U2 forever
anvland - 16 January, 2012
my lovelist!
1. One, 2. With or without you, 3. The sweetest thing, 4. Walk on, 5. I still haven't found, 7. Moment of Surrender, 8. All I want is you 9. No Line on the Horizon 10. I will follow, 11. Starring at the sun 12. Beautiful day, 13. Magnificent, 14. White as Snow, 15. Miss Sarajevo, 16. Even Better Than the Real Thing, 17.where the streets have no name, 18. Get on your boots, 19. Gloria 20. Sunday bloody Sunday, 21. Elevation, 22.Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of !!!!!!! Love U!
UMEK - 09 January, 2012
Setlist I'd <3
1) Out Of Control, 2) Elevation, 3) City of Blinding Lights, 4) Beautiful Day, 5) Magnificent, 6) Still Haven't Found, 7) Bad, 8) Vertigo., 9) Electric Co., 10) All I Want Is You, 11) Streets, 12) One, 13) MLK, 14) Pride (In The Name of Love),15) 16) I'll Go Crazy, 17) Walk On, 18) Ultraviolet, 19) Running To Stand Still, 20) With or Without You, 21) In A Little While, 22) Moment of Surrender, 23) "40"
karlaggmendes - 06 January, 2012
My Setlist!
1- With Or Without You; 2- Ultraviolet; 3- One; 4- Where The Streets Have No Name; 5- I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For; 6- Sunday Bloody Sunday; 7- Beautiful Day; 8- New Year's Day; 9- City of blinding lights; 10- Elevation; 11- Vertigo; 12- Pride (In The Name Of Love); 13- Miss Sarajevo; 14- Magnificent; 15- Get On Your Boots; 16- Angel Of Harlem; 17- Mysterious Ways; 18- Desire; 19- No Line On the Horizon; 20- Walk On; 21- Until the End Of the World; 22- Moment Of Surrender! Ai meu Deus, espero não ter cometido injustiça com alguma música que eu goste...
Cessna71g - 06 January, 2012
Bono's list
1.Vertigo, 2. Pride (in the name of love) (rattle and hum version), 3. Seconds, 4. All i want is you, 5. Beautiful day, 6. electrical storm, 7. Hawkmoon 269, 8. Love Rescue me, 9. Elevation, 10. I still havent found what im looking for (rattle and hum version), 11.surrender, 12. Get on your Boots
JohnnySwallo - 04 January, 2012
1) No line on the horizon 2) I Will follow 3) Get on your boots 4) Magnificent 5) I still haven't found 6) Breathe 7) In a little While 8) Elevation 9) Unknown Caller 10 ) The unforgettable fire 11) Crazy tonight 12) Vertigo 13) Sunday bloody Sunday 14) Walk on 15) Until the end of the world 16) Bad live in Rome 8-10-2010 17) One 18) Pride 19) Out of control 20) Where the streets 21 With or Without you 22) Moment of Surrender
Tedie - 03 January, 2012
I`ve like concert in Glastonbury, my set list is: 1 One 2 With or without you 3 Magnificent 4 Beautifull day 5 Vertigo 6 The sweetest thing 7 Discoteque 8 Bullet the blue sky 9 The fly 10Where the streets have no name U2, thank you for your`s rock show!
tobias06 - 01 January, 2012
u22 setlist
1. Out of Control 2. New Years Day 3. One 4. I will Follow 5. Even Better Than the real thing 6. vertigo 7. where the streets... 8. still havent ... 9.hold me,thrill me... 10. magnificent and all the setlist of Glastonbury
ivan_torres - 31 December, 2011
Walk on. City Of Blinding Lights. One
1cooldude77 - 30 December, 2011
u22 setlist
1) Ultraviolet 2) Our of Control 3)NLOTH 4)Myserious Ways 5) The Fly 6) North and South of the River 7) One 8) Stand By Me 9) Even Better than the reaL THING 10) Unknow Caller 11) Breathe 12) Bad 13) Where the streets have no name 14) Zooropa 15) All I want is you 16) So Cruel 17) When Love comes to town 18) Sweetest Thing 19) Angel of Harlem 20) I will follow 21) Still havent found what Im looking for 22) 40
- 30 December, 2011
My Set List
1:Where The Street Have No Name, 2:Elevation, 3:Vertigo, 4:With Or Without You, 5:City Of Blinding Nights, 6:Pride, 7:Sunday Bloody Sunday, 8:All Because Of You, 9:MLK, 10:Into The Heart, 11:Electrical Storm, 12:Magnificent, 13:Mysterious Ways, 14Original Of The Species, 15: No Line On The Horizon, 16:Until The End Of The World, 17: Sometimes You Cant Make It On Your Own, 18:Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, 19:One, 20:Ultraviolet, 21:Miss Sarajevo, 22:Zooropa. Happy new year to all the world from Argentina.
sheppie - 29 December, 2011
This is Awesome Live!
jampi - 29 December, 2011
My list
1. The fly. 2. Stay(faraway so close) 3. Until the end of the world 4. Magnificent 5.Sunday bloody sunday 6. All i want is you 7.City of blinding lights 8. walk on 9. Pride (in the name of love) 10. One 11. who´s gonna ride your wild horses 12. Beautiful day 13. Bad 14. staring at the sun 15. unknown caller 16. the first time 17.please 18.where the streets have no name 19. dirty day 20.Angel of harlem 21. new year´s day 22.misterious ways
Promenade - 27 December, 2011
The songs
1. One 2. Stay (faraway, so close) 3. Bad 4. The Unforgettable fire 5. Ultraviolet (light my way) 6. Zooropa 7. Heartland 8. Red Hill Mining Town 9. An Cat Dubh - Into the heart 10. Where the Streets Have No Name 11. With or Without You 12. Scarlet 13. Out of control 14. Moment of surrender 15. Kite 16. If God Will Send His Angels 17. A Sort of Homecoming 18. Promenade 19. Original of the species 20. So Cruel 21. New Year's Day 22. Surrender
jmcca93 - 27 December, 2011
1. Return Of The Stingray Guitar, 2. Beautiful Day, 3. I Will Follow, 4. Magnificent, 5. The Fly, 6. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, 7. Zooropa, 8. Until The End Of The World, 9. Unknown Caller, 10. The Unforgettable Fire, 11. Vertigo, 12. Stay (Faraway, So Close!), 13. Scarlet, 14. Walk On, 15. One, 16. Where The Streets Have No Name, 17. Mothers Of The Disappeared, 18. Ultra Violet (Light My Way, 19. With Or Without You, 20. PROMENADE, 21. Bad, 22. KITE (2006 Brisbane Version) - (The best u2 closing track ever)
Raflous - 26 December, 2011
Mis Favoritas
1. With or without you 2. One 3. Sometimes you can´t make it on you own 4. Miracle drug 5. Elevation 6. Beautiful day 7. Miss Sarajevo 8. Sunday bloody sunday 9. Stay 10. Pride 11. Where the streets have no name 12. Walk on 13. No line on the horizon 14. Sweetest thing 15. In a little while
crisbeal - 26 December, 2011
U22 Set list
JuanMutti - 24 December, 2011
I want it !
I want that cd :(
Cobrrramen - 24 December, 2011
1. Ultraviolet, 2. Zooropa, 3. The Fly, 4. I Will Follow
JerryKenney - 24 December, 2011
U2 360° tour set list
One tree hill - live in Chicago
drumkid - 22 December, 2011
!Achtung Revolucion
1. Where The Streets Have No Name 2. No Line On The Horizon 3. One 4. Until The End Of The World 5. Pride (In The Name Of Love) 6. City Of Blinding Lights 7. Moments Of Surrender 8. Bad 9. With Or Without You 10. New Year's Day 11. I Still Haven't Found What I Am Looking For 12. Ultraviolet (Light My Way) 13. The Unforgettable Fire 14. Magnificent 15. The First Time 16. The Fly 17. MLK 18.Sunday Bloody Sunday 19. Mothers Of The Disappeared 20. Breathe Out Of Control 21. In A Little While 22. "40"
arthur1975 - 22 December, 2011
My music
Zooropa.. live in São Paulo Best wishes for a happy holiday season and a prosperous New Year. May the Holiday Season bring only happiness and joy to you and your loved ones. u2 forever Arthur Prudente - Sergipe - Brasil
bvox3 - 20 December, 2011
Las menos tocadas
a mi me encantaría que en el U22 pusieran esas canciones como One Tree Hill,Miss Sarajevo,Your Blue Room,Return Of The Stingray Guitar,Electrical Storm,Even Better Than The Real Thing, Magnificent, Out Of Control ,The Fly,The Unforgettable Fire,Stay (Faraway, So Close),Zooropa,Mercy,Nort Star,The Boy Fall From The Sky,Every Breaking, Wave, Breathe Unknown Caller,Ultra Violet (Light My Way),No Line On the Horizon,40, Party Girl, entre una gran y excelente variedad de U2
marinu2ria - 20 December, 2011
My favourite set list!!!!! U2 forever
1.- Vertigo 2.- Beatiful day 3.- City of blinding lights 4.-Elevation 5.- Sometimes you can't make it on your own 6.- Walk on 7.- One 8.- Miss Sarajevo 9.-Miracle drug 10.- Ultraviolet 11.- I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonigh 12.- Stay (faraway so close) 13.- Acrobat 14.- Sunday bloody Sunday 15.- Original of the species 16.-Electrical storm 17.- The fly 18.-Still haven't found what I'm looking for 19. -Where the streets have no name 20.- Pride (In the name of love) 21.- With or without you 22.- Moment of Surrender
akrobata - 20 December, 2011
1.The Unforgettable Fire (best song ever) 2.Until the end of the world 3.Ultra Violet 4.Zooropa 5.Breathe 6.Moment of Surrender 7.One 8.Bad 9.Even Better than the Real Thing 10.The Fly 11.One Three Hill 12.Out Of Control 13.Get on your Boots 14.Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me 15.Walk On 16.Unknown Caller 17.No line on the Horizon 18..Where The Streets Have No Name 19.Magnificient 20.New Years Day 21.Sunday Bloody Sunday 22.I Will Follow
APorcayoU2 - 20 December, 2011
1.- Even Better than the real thing, 2.- New Year's Day 3.- Beautiful Day, 4.- Until the End of the World, 5.- Mysterious Ways, 6.- Magnificent (live from México) 7.- I still haven't found/ Stand by me 8.- Stay/Desire (live from México) 9.- All i want is you/love rescue me (live from México City), 10.- Pride, 11.- Zooropa 12.- Walk on, 13.- Where the Streets, 14.- ONE, 15.- Ultraviolet 16.- Out of control (live from East Rutherford), 17.- Moment of surrender.
MNags - 19 December, 2011
U2360 and U22
Even Better Than the Real Thing, The Fly, Until the End of the World, Beautiful Day, Elevation, Pride, Zooropa, Get on your Boots, Vertigo, City of Blinding Lights, Two Hearts Beat As One, Moment of Surrender, Streets, Mysterious Ways,
edelweis - 19 December, 2011
where the streets have no name
one of the greatests
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