'Where In The World...'

12 July 2012
'Where In The World...'
U22, the limited edition live CD set, seems to have made its way to most countries on the planet.

You've been sending us your photos and we've made a little gallery.

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naniz18u2 - 10 October, 2012
I have it :)
Hiii, I'm from Colombia and I already have mine. It's awesome!!! I totally love it :) anyone knows where I can send my picture, so it can be inthe gallery? Thank you :)
radical19 - 02 August, 2012
still waiting in MI
Anyone else in Michigan get there's yet?
ZooTVPennell - 29 July, 2012
still waiting in washington, dc...
Nothing yet. Was told soon a few weeks ago. Anyone in dc got theirs yet?
kirbdog - 28 July, 2012
Still Waiting
Has anyone in Ireland got there cd's yet.
John_Halloran - 28 July, 2012
Fantastic. A great gift from the U2 team. I am absolutly delighted wit U22. Well worth being a member of U2. Kind Regards, John Halloran.
TII - 27 July, 2012
At last!!!
Due to having moved house I only received mine this morning. I have to say I was amazed at how good it looks. Best gift ever, thanks so much!
celligianluca - 25 July, 2012
U22 in this moment in Ravenna, Italy
Finally big surprise on my desk, great gift from the Irish fabfour... you all make my day! Viva U2 viva U22 viva U2.com viva U2 fans all over the world.
mrawlings2 - 25 July, 2012
mark rawlings
waiting for my discs to arrive.but they're worth waiting for.x
alexxu2 - 24 July, 2012
U22 - Italy
My copy, or better, "Aliens - The Final Cut by U2" has arrived about 3 weeks ago...but i didn't see Sigourney Weaver inside the box!?! Ok, stop jokes, i'm thinkin' about the new album...2013 or before i don't know when...but...HOW IT'LL BE THE NEW TOUR??? I think we'd take the spaceship and we'll land ON THE MOON!!!
Soraya_Dantas - 24 July, 2012
U22 is in Brazil
I loved it! The book is bigger than I expected. A wonderful gift! Very happy to receive the U22 in Brazil (Campina Grande). Thanks to u2.
moanya - 24 July, 2012
From Italy
Sorry, I forgot to say that I'm from Italy :)
moanya - 24 July, 2012
alexct - 23 July, 2012
WOW!!! I heard my self...
...singing in BAD!!!! I was in the middle of the audience between outer ring and soundboard. A great place too see the whole show (not the whole of the moon....).
garry1960 - 22 July, 2012
Fan Forever
Got my copy of u22 and I must say that no other band is taking their fans as serious as U2! The music/sound of the 2 cdees are great and also the layout looks awesome! Thanks! Member of the fanclub is more than worth!!!
LuXo - 22 July, 2012
U22 in Bogotá
It arrived on June 25th... long time to post!
afrodita_py - 21 July, 2012
U2 22 with me and my 4 years old boy
It' s with us now finally here in Asuncion, Paraguay! You're the best! My baby boy is a big fun of you, he's favourite Sony is Windows in the sky....
alexct - 20 July, 2012
...found my copy in the postbox today, Unfortunately no time to hear it; Wonder how many times I could play it (LOUD!!!) during weekend. Have to listen carefully to BAD; do you think I could hear myself singing in the crowd? ;-)
Sonja Daly - 20 July, 2012
Horrah I have got my copy of U22 and it brings me back to the 360 concert in Croke Park. It sounds so real, so raw and is a brilliant way to remember the live gig. It will keep me going until the next live gig. Im never happy!! GREAT SOUNDS
hzham - 20 July, 2012
U22 in Hamburg
Finally got my copy - yes !!! Saw the shows in Berlin + Hannover, and the music just takes me higher -t brilliant.. :-) Thanks U2 !
madobo - 19 July, 2012
Budapest welcomes U22!!!
Finally with me and I am listening day and night to remember the fantastic concert in Chorzow/Poland!
chedu - 19 July, 2012
im waiting Argentina!
im waiting Argentina!, province Sta Fe !
castanheira - 19 July, 2012
I´m realy, realy proud to be part of this fan club. Mine arrived 2 weeks ago. It´s FANTASTIC, BEAUTIFUL. Thanks U2 for making this possible.
Ric Mondragon - 19 July, 2012
U22 THANK U !!!
Received mine in Los Angeles weeks ago and love it! Great sound, song list and packaging. Thanks for including Zooropa!
karl20 - 17 July, 2012
karl 20
u22 has landed from spaceship claw one giant leap to the letterbox one small step to open i love it i was there at london 14th aug 09 so with or without you is a personal reminder of a great night thanks u2.com this is the best
massymorbi - 16 July, 2012
sigh sigh...
I'm still waiting for mine..sigh sigh..where is my U22??? all the best from Italy
LVLACERDA - 16 July, 2012
Arrived In Brazil, Porto Alegre
electricco - 16 July, 2012
U2 2 is A W E S O M E ....
Awesome U2360° tour 2009/2011 ; ) Thanks U2 and U2.COM ; Thanks for publishing my U22Pics ; (still looking for giants glasses for my Giant U22 Red Red Wine ....)
abraham1 - 16 July, 2012
U22 in Estate of Mexico
How Can I dismatle this bomb, is espectacular, amazing, great sound, nice, elegant and superberb touch of you guys, this production makes me proud to belong to this fan club
steve shaw - 15 July, 2012
The Wait is Over!
Arrived in Auckland - Land of The One Tree Hill. YUS!
emea1998 - 15 July, 2012
Arrived in Ireland - 12 Jul
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