All The Way From São Paulo

22 July 2012
All The Way From São Paulo
At the end of July last year, after 110 shows, the U2360° spaceship took off for the final time.

Nothing captures the 360° vibe like the limited edition live set U22, with 22 songs from three years of shows.

But what was it like to be there on the night, from the second the band walked onstage as  'Real Thing' kicked off to the closing benediction of 'Moment of Surrender' ?

Maybe you were there and you'll never forget... maybe you wouldn't mind a reminder. 

To mark the first anniversary of the end of U2360°, this Saturday, exclusively for our U2.com subscribers, we'll be rebroadcasting the audio of the third show in Sao Paulo from April 2011.

The third and final rebroadcast begin at 8pm (London, UK time) on Sunday July 29th.  Check the graphic below below for  times in other regions. Listen in to the entire show - and join other fans in a live conversation. (Check The World Clock to see what time works best where you are in the world or take a look at our world times below for each broadcast.)

Listen to the show here (you'll need to be logged in to access it).

( U2.com subscribers can follow this live thread in the Zoo and get voting in the  U22Unwrapped Fans Videos Vote Off (Round 1).)

And if you're not a subscriber to U2.com and you'd like to listen in, check out the details of a subscription. You get to download 12 tracks from U22 immediately, we put the limited edition package in the mail to you... and your plans for this weekend are sorted!

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SimonBatistaGomes - 04 August, 2012
Sao Paulo -Brasil
Sao Paulo da garoa, sao Paulo da chuva. Great night.
marymjj - 29 July, 2012
U2 Brazil, São Paulo
You are amazing...You are the best. Come back soon to Brazil Thanks...We miss you... I love you.
marymjj - 29 July, 2012
U2 São Paulo, Brazil
Eu fuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Show Maravilhoso....The best U2, We Miss You....I Love You.
konasunset - 28 July, 2012
Thank you for taking us back there!
Thank you for sharing once again an amazing performance! Where are you going to take us next time?
JamesGarringer - 28 July, 2012
Sao Paulo
Getting the pad ready now to watch from The Fred in ATL!
Ana Cecilia - 28 July, 2012
I was there in 1998 (2 nights), in 2006 (2 nights) + Hawaii and 2011 (3 nights) +Dublin, Athens and Instanbul. The all 3 nghts in 2011 in Sao Paulo were amazing!! The thrid night I was in the Red Zone and I have no words to describe all the feelings that came through me. It was magical. So thank you U2 for sharing this with us again. You are the best!! I LOVE YOU ALL.
Mehare - 28 July, 2012
DVD from São Paulo´s shows
We really need a DVD from the shows in São Paulo! Please, lots of brazilian fans will be happy with this!
Phi2 - 28 July, 2012
U2 forever
The first time I went to a U2 concert was New Jersey Meadowlands arena in Joshua Tree, then went on almost everyone. Unfortunately this tour did not come to Rio de Janeiro, my son had just taken a tumor of the head, stood by his side. I have DVD and BlueRay, I hope you come back here to go to Rio with my son that every day better and ready to accompany the shows again.Love
sammy_oliveira - 28 July, 2012
chrisrockergirl - 28 July, 2012
Thanks a bunch for this!!
The 3 gigs in Sao Paulo were great!! Can't wait to remember those amazing nights *_*
lu2cho - 28 July, 2012
estuve Ahí
excelenteeee...fui a toda la gira Sudamericana, será bueno volver a escuchar este show
Glecyo - 28 July, 2012
cluttercoco - 28 July, 2012
Excited for the show!
I'll be tuning in tomorrow!!!
anamdsramos - 28 July, 2012
SP by U2 cameras point of view!!!
We need and deserve a DVD with the 3 Sao Paulo Shows made in By U2 video-camera perspective! We don't mind paying for that! We were there in 1998; 2006 and 2011(three times!!!) Please, just do It, will you?! Love U2 always!!!
dagou2 - 28 July, 2012
que presente
meu aniversario e 29/07 e com certeza vai ser um dia inesquecivel em minha vida thanks u2 the best band of my life
drakotubarao - 28 July, 2012
The boy Victor who sang the song Miss Sa
In 2006, as quoted by our friend "rjgo10" I was there I met the boy Victor (Caruarú-PE), was with him on my shoulder while playing the song "Miss Sarajevo" and Bono called Victor and we put it in stage to sing the song with Bono. A beautiful day in our lives! Thanks Bono! Thank you U2! Luiz
nicho32 - 28 July, 2012
yeah right
i come early from travel for this yeaaah
shacko - 28 July, 2012
Looking forward to this
Will be listening at midnight UK time to this on my laptop through my ear monitors, thinking back to a year ago when I last saw the show. Thank you Willie Williams for telling us all about your ear monitors last year. Don't know how I ever lived without them.
KLEBERU2BR - 27 July, 2012
There are no theories to describe those unforgettable days in april 2011. I felt like when I was 15. Incredible feelings, dreaming without to sleep. I was there in 1998, I was there again in 2006 and, finally, I was there in those three magical days in 2011. Still live in my memory all the colors, sounds and emotions. I thank god for giving me a chance to be with you, guys, and I pray to have a chance to hold their hands in a next opportunity. Thank U2. You are giving us a great life! Please, São Paulo deserves a DVD. Think about it! Kléber P. Pinto - São Paulo - Brasil
CrisCorsino - 27 July, 2012
The Happiness Day of My Life!
I don't have words to express my feelings in that day!!! I slept in a line 2 days to buy the tickets and 2 days to see U2, I was waiting this moment since I'm 13 years old in 1998. Only magnificent!!!
u2shula - 27 July, 2012
I agree with sandrabbz.....Bring U2 360
I feel that 360 was extroadinary, and over the 2 years U2 was on the road the show evolved. The Rose Bowl show was great, and fantastic on Bluray...but Sao Paulo was a much different show. I'd buy a couple and I am sure most would. Until then we'll take the show stream! Obrigado U2!
edilson - 27 July, 2012
In the first Show 04-09-2012
In the first Show 04-09-2012 , i was there!!!!!
Gisangell - 27 July, 2012
I miss this day!
I was there! Always a dream! I held Bono's hand!
Jonhnny_sp - 27 July, 2012
Too good! I was in the area on 09 Inner Circle, the first night show, beautiful night, Unforgattable night!
rjgo10 - 27 July, 2012
"O U2 é irlandês e Deus é brasileiro"
I'm sorry for others countries, but nothing compared as the Brazilian public. We can feel the good vibration and happiness. Everyone jumping and singing together all the time. Awesome! As Bono said in 2006 "O U2 é irlandês e Deus é brasileiro" God bless U2!
Nanda260 - 27 July, 2012
heart, soul and rock & roll
...that is BRASIL. U2 are always welcome here and always will be
Diasalf - 26 July, 2012
Fantastico!!! Estava lá!
tati_gyn - 26 July, 2012
Morumbi, Sampa, 2011
I was there!!!! April 13th, 2011, one of the best days in my life!!! =)
- 26 July, 2012
Miles de gracias!!!!...
maubarth - 26 July, 2012
We deserve a dvd recorded in Brazil. Here is the best audience of 360º. The three shows were f#&king great!
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