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'Twenty five years coming to this city, twenty five nights we played this city from the days in the Paradise Club,' muses Bono introducing Stuck In A Moment, which itself is introduced with a nod to the Beatles and In My Life.
'Made a lot of friends in Boston.'

Paradise is in his mind tonight. Midway through I Will Follow, Bono
declaims, 'Ring those bells, ring those bells, we wrote this song on two strings, Boston lift me up on your shoulder, let's get to a place we can never get over, club called Paradise, club called paradise, Boston lift me up on your shoulder, paradise...a club called Paradise, we can go there tonight...'

Edge is wearing a red No. 7. t-shirt tonight.

'This is about letting go of someone you love, could be a lover, could be a father, a child, some one you love, someone you don't want to let go of...this is Kite.'

During Sunday Bloody Sunday a fan throws down an Irish flag and the singer lays it on catwalk and walks away from it, singing Get Up, Stand up, blowing kisses to a fan in the heart with a flag.

'Right, I'd like to do something that's very difficult for singers to do, I'd like to introduce you to the rest of the band.
'In the No. 7 shirt, he could have come here by space shuttle tonight, but he's travelling on a creamy, white, yellowy Les Paul....The Edge.
'The man who gave us our first job and has never tired of reminding us of that fact, will you welcome Larry Mullen Jnr.
'The first manager of U2, the jazz man, the musical conscience of the group whose definitely playing the biggest instrument, Adam Clayton.'

Desire is 'for any punk rock groups or any other rock groups out there this evening, blind ambition or something, it's better blind...'

Stay 'London, Belfast, Massachusetts....'
Pride ('Dr King still singing...')

'Thanks for paying out your hard earned on a rock show, thanks a lot.
Thanks for giving us a good life. Thank you to PJ Harvey for opening the show, opening her heart and pulling back her ribcage and thanks for following us down the Jubilee road.
'We got a lot of help from Boston, from Harvard and Jeff Sachs up there.
'It's an extraordinary thing, we met this man, a righteous guy who marched with Martin Luther King and he said an odd thing. He said we're never really going to feel like we can be free when our brothers and sisters in Africa are still in chains, chains of disease, chains of money, old loans hanging like a noose around the necks of the people, dignified people.'
'In a way, it's not just a civil rights thing, it's human rights, the right to live like a human.'

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