Happy Birthday Willie!

'Happy Birthday, Willie!  80 and still a pilgrim.  All the best… Bono, The Edge, Adam & Larry.'

Never before seen footage of 'Slow Dancing' with Willie Nelson, made by filmmaker & friend Lian Lunson.
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meandyou - 14 May, 2013
Belated Birthday
Belated Happy Birthday Bono ~ you are catching me up! Love Poll xxx
PauloSilva - 12 May, 2013
happy birthday to bono u2
love you man,,53 years 10 may,,love u2,,portugal
clau2dia - 11 May, 2013
precious . Happy bday Willie.
gpresa - 10 May, 2013
happy Bday
From Mexico. We love you
erinhang - 10 May, 2013
Happy Birthday to Bono: Earth's Most Roc
Thanks for YOU.
04love08 - 10 May, 2013
Happy birthday Bono
10.05,Bono`s birthday 53. CONGRATULSONS
youngin - 10 May, 2013
Dear Bono
Happy birthday Sir Bono, hope you have a great day man !!!
pedrovilhena - 09 May, 2013
Happy Birthday, my friend.
Happy Birthday, my friend. I'm with you since 1984.
pride346 - 08 May, 2013
80 yrs?- Looks far too young!!!
Looked at the headline & thought to myself No - this can't be right -Willie Williams can' t be 80 can he?!
wallbach - 06 May, 2013
Still rocking, Willie!!! Happy Birthday!
madlisa - 03 May, 2013
Happy Birthday Willie! It is a gorgeous song.
electricco - 03 May, 2013
i wish i was as smart
i wish i was Eighty i wish i was as smart as cool as Willie Happy Eighty Birthday Legend ! Keep on Rockin' Mate in a Free World Love peace and slow dancing ; ) Co.
electricco - 02 May, 2013
i wish i was Eighty i wish i was as smar
Happy Eighty Birthday Legend ! Keep on Rockin' Mate ; ) Co.
hallsquared - 02 May, 2013
Brithday Wishes
Happy Birthday, Willie and wishes for a blessed year. So great to see this. Slow Dancing has been one of my favorite songs for so long. It was even our wedding song 13 years ago! Thank you for sharing your talents with us and for sharing this moment.
onewithu2 - 01 May, 2013
love this song!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLIE!!! U2 the best Band in the World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Miriam Jonker - 01 May, 2013
Awe inspiring in many ways. Happy birthday mr. Nelson!
tan_lejos_tan_cerca - 01 May, 2013
You have to love it
U2Gal - 01 May, 2013
Another song added to my favorites! Along with every single U2 song, and I'm guessing that you can see Im a HUGE (more than that obviously) fan!
karl20 - 01 May, 2013
thank you u2 and mr nelson great song and video many happy returns willie
trabbie - 01 May, 2013
Classic Gem!!!
Thank you very much for this surprise!!!
stoneage - 01 May, 2013
great song
wish you all the best....
aaron96 - 01 May, 2013
willie's birthday
so softy tender thanks u2 happy birthday willie from elaine near sheffield uk
dulin42 - 01 May, 2013
80y,and still Rockin.Happy Birthday man
resi - 01 May, 2013
it´s so nice
Happy Birthday Willie! I love this song, it´s wonderful
f1online - 01 May, 2013
never seen?
it has a 20.000 views on you tube,and there is another vid,i saw it already..a while back...it wasn't a secret,nope...still great though..
soey - 01 May, 2013
softly beautiful
Happy Birthday Willie Nelson! Thank you for this!
PauloSilva - 01 May, 2013
best band ever u2
happy birhday willie nelson..just perfec see you and u2 band,,time pass but u2 are perfect..love 4 ever u2,,but this is 4 you willie happy beautifull day..paul from portugal,,u2 my life
johninathensga - 01 May, 2013
Well done, U2.com
Hearing Willie Nelson's voice and Mickey Raphael's harmonica over U2's music is just about the most beautiful thing that I've ever heard.
Yogic - 01 May, 2013
HBD Mr Willie
Thanks for Sharing Such a Sweet Heart Felt Lullaby.... All the Love and Best Wishes to Mr Willie and U2.... : ).
norwaylad - 01 May, 2013
Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die
Willie is The Man , this song still brings tears to my eyes . I lost my wife to cancer 6 months ago , we often slow danced to this song.
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