'Ordinary Love' - New Video by Oliver Jeffers & Mac Premo

29 December 2013
'Ordinary Love' - New Video by Oliver Jeffers & Mac Premo
A couple of weeks back the band dropped by the New York studios of Oliver Jeffers and Mac Premo, the creative duo behind the 'Ordinary Love' lyric video.

Oliver and Mac have now come up with a new cut of the video, designed to accompany the Paul Epworth version of the song.

With 'Mandela:Long Walk To Freedom' opening all around the world, this seemed like the perfect moment to share this latest visual take of 'Ordinary Love' .

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Nitz - 09 July, 2014
Sentimental trip
It's like a trip trough my deepest feelings and sweep me away like a hurrican!
nanis - 30 June, 2014
Lindo video!
U2 siempre es lo mejor!! Q linda letra y el video muy original. Amo a U2
bonovox123 - 26 January, 2014
U2 is good for Us.....
AngelaMarie - 25 January, 2014
Sooooo ready for new music
Awesome song! So exciting to see U2 win the Golden Globe.Way to go. Can't wait to see Super Bowl video of the newest song. Please, please, please include INDIANAPOLIS on your next tour!!!
Claudiafromargentina - 23 January, 2014
Deeply beautiful!
I like so much this song!! Thanks!!
danote - 20 January, 2014
Excelente canción.
Muy linda canción, el vídeo es realmente excelente.!
TRIXIEARG - 20 January, 2014
Love the song and the video! Canción pegadiza para que el mensaje se transmita; video atractivo para ser compartido. Love U2! Muy bueno!
gisela15 - 19 January, 2014
La mejor banda
Excelente canción, hermosa letra. Transmite poder, amor. Me encanta!
Tracy M - 18 January, 2014
As much as I loved the original track as soon as I heard it, I love this version even more! I actually have been running to Ordinary Love every morning since I was able to get the original. PLEASE,, let us have this one as a download for members - how about, in honour the Golden Globe win and Oscar nomination?
- 18 January, 2014
True U2 Style Never Dies
U2 will always be the best group in the world. They are ageless and their songs will always rock for years to come.
Losseta - 17 January, 2014
Simply the best
Once again I realized why is U2 the best of the best. I still feel the enegy and mood of the song. U2?
musicabona - 10 January, 2014
Powerful version
Once again, U2 combine musical energy with a beautiful mood. I love the powerful new version of this song and it´s a wonderful experience to see both images of the band and handwritten lyrics in the video. Great artistry!
Solyn - 06 January, 2014
I love this version! Best version...great song....great video with all the band!! I do hope to see you soon in France!!! We miss you.. You are to come in Paris... I'll be there ;)
baronfwiley - 05 January, 2014
Practicing what they Preach
It's better to give than to receive... This band has been very generous to us. Happy New Year's (Day).
fender35 - 05 January, 2014
Until the end of the world
That's where it's going amazing song
dockingpilot - 04 January, 2014
They have done it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love it , the band just keeps on getting better like a vintage wine, I cant wait for the new album and the video is a big thumbs up.
krista_s - 03 January, 2014
I love both versions a lot ...
NanyandGonzo - 02 January, 2014
My musical Gods looking so fab and handsome as usual. Great song, loved this version of the video, happily waiting for you to say when the new album and the new shows. You're the best!
Joyful_Sound - 01 January, 2014
New Album, Bring It On!
nice to see the boys and Bono with his red guitar. A certain look of steely determination in the master's eye; new album? bring it on! Come on 2014!
sunshinegi - 31 December, 2013
Magnificent Love 2U
Every breath of Love you send to all of us heals each crack we've ever experienced. Bless you for keeping them coming - I've walked on, time and again, because of the love from you, and I shine it back in prayers each day thinking of and sending blessings to all of you. Thank you for this magnificent gift. . .Love.
parecis - 31 December, 2013
I love this version! it's great entry to new 2014 year :D
bagdifo - 31 December, 2013
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeaaaaaaah
The Boys are back!!!! Woooooooo Hoo!!! U2 will rule 2014!!!
KittyCatClaudine - 31 December, 2013
With some purrrrrrrr purrrrr U2 purrrrrfection! MEOWWWW!
Alcon - 31 December, 2013
To see the guys together , can't wait till the new year ,,,,,, happy new year to all ..... Hope to travel the globe and see U2 again soon
chedu - 30 December, 2013
Asombroso!!!...muy muy buenoo!!!!.. mejor que la 1ra versión. ...
manz03 - 30 December, 2013
Definitely not ordinary!
Wow how great to see the best band in the world again, as Bono said when you've done great people then expect greater, you've certainly done that! ;)
rcarlog - 30 December, 2013
wellcome back boys
when this guys returns the world smiles
crisvox - 30 December, 2013
perfect song
perfect song.... U2 is wonderful...
hikingwoman - 30 December, 2013
Great video!
This is my fav video for this new song. I love seeing more of the guys than we did in the previous video.
ZOO_ADDICT - 30 December, 2013
Wish Paul Epworth version available for
Yes this version sounds much better than the vinyl edit one
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