Adam describes his delight at hearing Edge 'fall in love' with the guitar again in the latest edition of U2's official magazine, set to arrive in mailboxes in the next few days.

U2's bass guitarist also describes in Propaganda how much he enjoyed hearing Larry playing the drums 'without having to fit in with a rhythm track which was already constructed.'

Even Bono surprised him. 'The singing was great and the lyrics were great and at some point in the record, he had a lyric before the song was finished and that's rare and the record benefited from it.'

Looking ahead to the tour Adam explains the thinking behind going back to smaller venues, making it clear that the band want to play the new songs 'without any over-complicated support structure'.

'There is not going to be any jock-strap on this one,' he laughs. 'This will be us in the raw ... We want to be in situations where people aren't going to have to stay seated - if they want to get up and move around they can.'

He says that when they took PopMart to Europe, where people could stand and move around in the shows, 'that was much more fun, and it reminded us of our earlier shows, before it all got big.'

The new Propaganda, now expanded to 44 pages, also includes a comprehensive round-up of the U2 universe of recent months, an exclusive interview with P J Harvey who will be supporting U2 on their Elevation 2001 Tour, Bono talking about the album, an introduction to something called U2.COM and a pictorial history of, wait for it, the U2 t-shirt.

If you are interested in subscribing to Propaganda here's the deal.

In Ireland, UK, Europe and Rest of World (excluding North America) a year's subscription includes four issues and you need to write with your cheque to Propaganda, PO Box 7728, Dublin 2, Ireland.

The costs are:
Republic of Ireland: £12.50 punts
UK: £10.50 Sterling
Europe: £14.50 Sterling
ROW: £20.00 Sterling

Payment can be by cheque or credit card Mastercard/Visa. Please do not send cash, Eurocheques or personal cheques from countries outside Ireland or the UK.

For US residents visit the Propaganda web-site for subscription information at

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