Fifteen live tracks from U2360° on one CD.
Recorded in 12 cities over two years.
Curated by The Edge.
Only available with From The Ground Music Edition.

Here's the track-listing. In the comments below, tell us what you think will be the stand-out tracks. (And wander through our new gallery of images from the book.)

1. Breathe
Recorded at Stadio San Siro, Milan, 8th July 2009
2. I Will Follow
Recorded at Stade Roi Baudouin, Brussels, 22nd September 2010
3. Get On Your Boots
Recorded at Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, 20th September 2009
4. New Year's Day
Recorded at Croke Park, Dublin, 27th July 2009
5. Electrical Storm
Recorded at Stadio San Siro, Milan, 8th July 2009
6. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
Recorded at Estadio Azteca, Mexico City, 11th May 2011
7. Your Blue Room
Recorded at Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, 23rd September 2009
8. Vertigo
Recorded at Subiaco Oval, Perth, 18th December 2010
9. I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight
Recorded at Stade de France, Paris, 11th July 2009
10. Sunday Bloody Sunday
Recorded at Vanderbilt Stadium, Nashville, 2nd July 2011
11. Scarlet
Recorded at Vanderbilt Stadium, Nashville, 2nd July 2011
12. In A Little While
Recorded at Estadio Morumbi, Sao Paulo, 9th April 2011
13. Miss Sarajevo
Recorded at Estadio Morumbi, Sao Paulo, 9th April 2011
14. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
Recorded at Estadio Nacional, Santiago, 25th March 2011
15. "40"
Recorded at Magnetic Hill Music Festival, Moncton, 30th July 2011


18 December, 2012
I was right!
Is there a prize for having guessed right all the tracks and running order? I can't believe it. What a great collection! Thanks for Breathe, Electrical Storm, Your Blue Room, Scarlet... All the tracks are great indeed. We can't ask for a better setlist. I'll renew now!!
18 December, 2012
Gracias !!!
Gracias por poder acceder a una colección fuera de serie. Tengo 37 años y he crecido junto a la banda. Los vi en Argentina mi pais y son simplemente perfectos .Saludos cordiales. JULIO.
18 December, 2012
Blue Room!
Great list by Mr.The Edge! Glad to see your blue room and hold me! Thanks Edge!
18 December, 2012
What happened to Mother's ???????
Dear Thank you for this CD but PLEASE give us an early Christmas present and release Mother's of the Disappeared as a download. It's a shame this song wasn't played at any one of the 3 Buenos Aires shows on the 360 Tour ???
18 December, 2012
Please release Mothers as a Download
18 December, 2012
U2 missed a great opportunity to have a rare live gem included in this collection. Please make it available for the next download. Should have been the hidden bonus track.
18 December, 2012
Finally! A song that I was there. Morumbi 09/04/2011. Waiting anxiously.
18 December, 2012
I have been waiting so long, if you look at my previous comment on the vertigo article "the ultimate Setlist" these are the exact same songs I chose, not the same order but the exact same ones I chose, it's as if he listened to me!
18 December, 2012
I don't give a damn!!!
scarlet, frankly I do. What a great track to include. Scarlet is my favourite U2 track. us grey U2 fans will be glad to hear it. Thankyou very much.xx
18 December, 2012
Great CD! Thanks Hoping for Mothers to be another bonus download :)
18 December, 2012
Thank Edge!
Finally we will have Scarlet! but still miss Mercy!
18 December, 2012
Any chance...?
So glad that Your Blue Room & Scarlet are on the disc! Accepting that the band wants to keep the "new" songs until they put out new material, any chance of making Angel Of Harlem and Mothers Of The Disappeared another pair of exclusive downloads? Seeing as how Party Girl was eluded to on U22 (not that I wouldn't be over the moon if that were a download too), that would make it so the fans got some sort of version of every "released" song performed on the tour, which would truly be a remarkable document of the tour for the fans. Ya know, Chanukah just passed, and Christmas, Eid, Kwanza, and Festivus are just around the corner... I'm just sayin', if they're still intrested in "the job," it's what the best band in the world would do.
18 December, 2012
Thanks So Much-- More Live 360!
It's all this fan will ask for is live music. Although new music never hurts, and I still want to see "Mercy" put out proper, but this is great! Thanks to the whole team. I know it's not just the lads and even more so you great folks behind the scenes. But what I'm looking forward from this is Your Blue Room since I was at that show + Boots because that just rocked out so hard live, then Vertigo, Scarlet, Breathe, SBS and all the rest --thanks again! Thanks for the downloads too.
18 December, 2012
We need Mother's of the Disappeared
This is going to be a great CD but we need to have Mother's of the Disappeared. It's a rare but great song that will anchor us to the ground!
18 December, 2012
Thank you Edge!!!
In A Little While and Miss Sarajevo recorded at Estadio Morumbi, Sao Paulo, 9th April 2011. I love U2. Kisses from Brazil!! Juliana Fortunato - Caxambu/MG
18 December, 2012
Best Tracks
Beautiful Track-listing Please release more !!! ;)
18 December, 2012
Is there another word for "Thanks"?
Superb! Mexico is again present in Stuck, that's great Edge thank you, and we sang our hearts out also on the 15th May. To be able to listen to Electrical Storm is gonna be one of the most delightful experiences as soon as we get our beautiful gift. Hold Me, New Year's, Sunday, wow. Thanks to all the staff that made it possible, too, to be able to assist to a concert and make it one of my best days in life and my husband's. Edge, beautiful choice and great list. Edge, Adam, Larry and Bono thanks for giving us a great life full of your songs and music. I do hope Mexico is gonna be one of the first in delivery, can't wait. Happy holidays to all u2 and, Santa exists!!!! in Edge's picks ;-)
18 December, 2012
I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonigh
I Was There ....I Love that remix ....I'm So Glad ......Thx A Lot The Edge . Still a Few Songs To Go :) happy Holliday Everyone
18 December, 2012
Your blue room, electrical storm, hmtmkmkm, breathe... It's incredible! Standout for me Your blue room!
18 December, 2012
Finally Chile!!!!!
Thanks Edge for add HMTMKMKM!!!!
vertigo tour
18 December, 2012
Not a great CD without Mother's
What a shame that Mothers of the Disappeared didn't make it. How could Scarlet and Stuck In A Moment make it over this song ? I also disagree that No Line On The Horizon and Unknown Caller and Spanish Eyes were only made available as downloads. These songs should have been on the CD.
18 December, 2012
Cool Set:)
Wow, brillant setlist but i miss the return of the stingray guitar :)
18 December, 2012
I'll Go Crazy
It's disappointing that they didn't use a I'll Go Crazy from 2011 with Discotheque added in, but the tracklisting for this is actually better than U22, so I'll take it.
18 December, 2012
Great but No Cardiff!!
Was lucky to have made it a number of 360 gigs and Cardiff wasn't just the best on this tour but the best U2 show I've ever been to. And I've been to a few over the years! Shame nothing made it on to any of these collections.
18 December, 2012
Your Blue Room will be the stand out track! When does Edge's Picks get mailed out?
18 December, 2012
From the ground up
The best
18 December, 2012
Blue no Longer!
Was hoping to see Blue room in the original 22 listings, now I get a bonus, not only is it on Edges picks, it is taken from one of the 360 shows I was at...From the "red Zone" Thank you..
18 December, 2012
There were 46 tracks.
They originally had 46 tracks to vote on. The ones that didn't make it are: Return of the Stingray Guitar Party Girl Angel of Harlem Mothers of the Disappeared The ones only released as downloads are: Pride No Line on the Horizon Desire Spanish Eyes Unknown Caller Plus the 22 on U22 and the 15 on here.
18 December, 2012
Great CD!
Everything I wished had been on U22 that wasn't is included here. I'm especially happy to see two songs from the Nashville show!
Ryan Talbot
18 December, 2012
A few more bonus downloads, please!
Angel of Harlem Mothers of the Disappeared (from Istanbul) Party Girl & Return of the Sting Ray Guitar
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