'The photobook and CD have arrived ! It's simply unbelievable and takes me back to the six shows I went to in Europe. What a mindblowing CD. They're only getting better ....'

A handsome parcel enclosing From The Ground Up: Music Edition is now landing, with a thud, on the doorsteps of subscribers around the world.

The lavish photobook telling the inside story of U2360°, complete with the limited-edition CD Edge's Picks, is getting rave reviews.

'My copy arrived yesterday and it made my year. The design and quality are incredible, and the music? Wow!  From the very first listen I was transported back to Croke Park on those two incredible nights...'

Great reception too for the FIVE bonus live downloads available as soon as you subscribe (or resubscribe) to - Desire, Pride, Angel of Harlem, Spanish Eyes and No Line On The Horizon.
 'An absolutely brilliant 2012 for live music from many, many thanks.'

Got your copy yet?
What's the standout track?
Best story in the book ?
How does this subscription gift compare with last year's 'U22'?
Tell us what you think and add your own review in the comments below.


09 January, 2013
I received my package on January 4 and it is simply wonderful. A very nice book with great pictures and stories and the live songs picked by Edge. By far the best fan gift until now.
09 January, 2013
So Good!!!
Thank you for this awesome gift. Quality and very very good sound.
09 January, 2013
The book and CD arrived in Rochester NY yesterday and I was blown away!!!! The detailed pictures, the wonderful stories and the beautiful music made for a wonderful evening of going back down memory lane! NOW LETS GET THE NEXT ALBUM OUT!!!! We want to do it again!
09 January, 2013
Got Mine and it's fantistic, many thanks
This is a great gift. The music is great, Electrical Storm and Breathe are my favs! The book is great, many cool stories about the tour/claw etc. Many Thanks!
09 January, 2013
thank you
what a great gift and such high quality. thank you U2
09 January, 2013
best possible timing! it's my 40th birthday and the most wonderful gift ever has arrived... thank you, thank u2; i got to see munich, berlin, vienna, torino, dublin and new jersey... how will the next tour look like, 720 degree? ;-)
09 January, 2013
Best gift ever!!!!!
wow, this was the best gift ever, and i first thought it was last year's gift, but these 2 belong together. Brings back memories from the 8 concerts i saw on this tour (bringing up to 44, next tour i hope i can reach 50). Favourite song is I Will Follow, as it was recorded at Brussels, i was there, 31 years ago i was at the dutch concert where this same song was recorded live too, their first dutch hit. How can they top this next year? A DVD, or the new album months before it will be officially released?
09 January, 2013
What a way to start 2013!!
Received my copy a couple of days ago. An absolutely fantastic gift!! A beautiful book that brings back the wonderful memories of the two concerts I attended in Brussels and Seattle!! The CD is also perfect. The song that stands out for the most has to be Miss Sarajevo. Such an incredible performance!!
08 January, 2013
Wat a beuatiful lat christmasgift.
I got mine a fewe days after Christmas in Holland. What a book, What a CD. Bringing back all those memories from 360. Awesome. Goosebumps by certain songs and that after U22. Same excitement.
08 January, 2013
15 Stars but 2 Standouts for me
Electrical Storm and Your Blue Room, first time live recordings and Get on Your Boots and Vertigo from concerts I attended. 15 out of 15 for the CD and 5 out of 5 for the downloads. Thank you !!
08 January, 2013
Still hasn't come
I just the got the email that it shipped yesterday
08 January, 2013
Loving it!!
got mine this week and I love it. Had a couple of 'moments' when I was taken back to the shows as I listened. Holds some songs I wished had made U22. Have considered combining them into one huge playlist - just a matter of making the flow work. BTW - the holidays are over - we want our Zoo back
08 January, 2013
U22 + Edges Picks = can't have one witho
Also, this 2 sets of live songs are not complete without each other. U22 needs Edge's Picks and Edge's Picks need U22. There's way too many quality songs from this tour to limit it to only 22 or 15 songs. My standout track- Ultraviolet- perfect performance. can see Bono swinging on the lightmike when I hear it everytime. The Add-on downloads are sweeeeet! There's still a few more rarities that we'd love to get to complete the entire tour collection- Stingray, Mercy, Mothers, North Star, Every Breaking Wave, Boy Falls From the Sky, Glastonbury. Please don't keep these in the vault!!
08 January, 2013
Finally Subscriber Greatness! Now need G
2 outstanding subscriber gifts, back to back with U22 then Edge's Picks! For years I've been disappointed that the only thing worthwhile for the membership fees has been the presale opportunities. The Duals & rarities Cd's weren't that exciting, honestly not worth buying the membership. Please continue with the great live material next year- the entire Glastonbury performance on DVD & CD would be perfect for us diehards. It was considered such a huge landmark performance by the band even in From the Ground Up' that it would be a logical follow, and a complete shame if this doesn't get released.
08 January, 2013
Best Fan Club Gift Yet!
Thanks for the epic package. It arrived just days after Xmas and was the perfect ending to a great holiday. The book is beautiful, and Edge's picks are a nice detour from the regular "fan favorites!" My only criticism is that the pics aren't all labeled so it's isn't clear which shows are included. Having been to 3 shows on the tour, including opening night in N. America @ Soldier Field in Chicago and the last N. American gig in Pittsburgh, I couldn't ask for a better souvenir to commemorate this groundbreaking tour! Here's to lift off to 2013 and hopes of a new U2 album 2!
08 January, 2013
Got it!!
Got it on 7 January!! what a pack!! love it!!
08 January, 2013
Received mine last week, good stuff!
08 January, 2013
Received today -Fantstic item and a faultless product .Big Up to the Edge,Adam,Bono and Larry you obviously value your fans greatly to offer them a product of such high quality
08 January, 2013
This gift is awesome! The book is beautiful, the music just incredible. Listening to the live versions of Electrical Storm and Your Blue Room made me cry. Thanks so much for this package. The best thing you ever put out for the fans. I never was more in love with U2 than now.
08 January, 2013
Received mine a few days ago and absolutely love it! Edge ... thanks for including New Year's Day - my all-time favorite!!! Brings me back to the three shows I was lucky enough to attend during the tour -- Raleigh, Atlanta, Toronto. Wish it could have been more! Bono, Larry, Edge, Adam ... thanks for continuing to give your fans such awesome, inspiring music! You never disappoint! Can't wait for new music!
08 January, 2013
Only the Edge...
..Could put together such a Fantastic Sequence of U2 Gems & Songs. How'd he know It would be that Awesome when we were voting for the Original 22 last year? It's the best of the Three Discs. Thanks to everyone involved. The book is magnificent as well. Electrical Storm and Your Blue Room are Unbelievable. Breathe, Follow, and Boots as the opening tracks are breathless. Scarlet, HMTMKMKM, and 40 also are so nice to have too. Thanks again. It’s a great disc!
08 January, 2013
still waiting
got my email 2 wks ago, nothing yet.Cant wait !
All I Want Is You 2
08 January, 2013
From the Ground Up!
I have my copy & L-O-V-E it! :~)
08 January, 2013
From the spaceship
The postman knocked , I ran to the door in my dressing gown I was handed a box , It was like Christmas all over again, I sat down and opened the box, still in my dressing gown I started to read sometime later much later I finished the book and listened to Edges picks, I remember getting dressed thinking what a band what a show and what next, the boys from my old school have all grown up as have I but when I put on a U2 cd I'm brought back to the day , the first time I heard that song seen that video attended that tour date, thankyou for the memories thank you for sharing your life u2s journey, god bless and here's to 2013 and the future slainte
08 January, 2013
It's coming '
Got my email last night I'm so excited' :)
08 January, 2013
Boston then New York and Perth Twice
Thankyou for this excellent gift. I got to see 4 live shows, Boston, New York and Perth twice and this package along with U22 is the perfect collection for this U2 fan. I congratulate you for putting this together. Looking forward to the next 12 months, should be a great U2 year !!
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