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July 2001 News

31 July, 2001
U2's Veteran Soundman Joe O'Herlihy on how a freak lightning strike nearly put paid to a recent show - and ...
31 July, 2001
Some Words And Actions And Songs From A Concert........
29 July, 2001
Waldbuhne, Berlin
'Where is the moon? There is the moon...'
27 July, 2001
Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of is now released to radio in the US, while Elevation is ...
27 July, 2001
'Beautiful days, beautiful days'.....which is the way Bono ends Beautiful Day tonight in Vienna, second of two shows and, if ...
26 July, 2001
Bono and fellow debt campaigner Bob Geldof notably exempted Canada from criticism aimed at members of the G-8 summit group...
26 July, 2001
'I'm not built for the schmooze, I'm not good at small talk,' says Larry Mullen Jnr in an interview in ...
26 July, 2001
'Stay Cool,' says Bono, introducing Beautiful Day to the assembled Austrian fans tonight. 'Take It Easy.' Well, words to that effect. ...
25 July, 2001
Nelly Furtado, who stood in for PJ Harvey as support for U2 at the beginning of Elevation 2001, is preparing to ope on more dates...
24 July, 2001
U2 have been nominated for 5 MTV Video Music Awards (VMA's).
23 July, 2001
Madonna Only Likes You......
'So,' says Bono, introducing Kite, 'We have been five times here in the Globe, pretty good, twice ...
23 July, 2001
'We were good then but we're great now...' Well, let no-one say U2 shows are predictable. Let's start this report from ...
23 July, 2001
Bono and Bob Geldof led a delegation of drop-the-debt campaigners to meetings with world leaders at the weekend's G8 summit ...
21 July, 2001
It is the biggest show to date with 70,000 Italians packed in as Bono arrives to meet Adam, Larry and ...
20 July, 2001
U2's Elevation has entered the charts in Ireland at No 1 - and the track is in a head to head with Robbie Williams for the UK top spot.
20 July, 2001
Willie Williams and Joe O'Herlihy are two of the key touring personel on the road with U2.

Between them the pair ...
19 July, 2001
U2 go back to basics with a display of raw energy and stamina on their latest tour, reports the BBC's ...
19 July, 2001
U2 go back to basics with a display of raw energy and stamina on their latest tour, reports the BBC's ...
18 July, 2001
Ahead of U2's two shows in Paris, Bono visited the French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin to discuss continuing efforts to ...
17 July, 2001
'Jubilation, elevation, jubilation, elevation,' sings Bono at the climax of U2's opening song in Paris show and the words aptly ...
13 July, 2001
'You are surrounded and not even Lara Croft can help you now...'

Elevation, U2's latest single, is released worldwide this month. ...
13 July, 2001
'On the bass Adam Clayton, on the drums Larry Mullen Jnr, I'm Bono, this is The Edge'
13 July, 2001
Dutch singer and artist Herman Brood, who had been in contact with U2 since 1997, committed suicide this week.

Brood, 54, ...
12 July, 2001
U2's new single Elevation is starting to climb charts across the world.
11 July, 2001
U2 wanted intimacy with its worldwide Elevation tour and it certainly got just that in Copenhagen, writes Charles Ferro of Billboard.Com

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19 September, 2017
Sam Diego show this coming Friday, 9/22/
I'm extremely excited to fly out to San Diego from DC to see my 2nd show from the current tour.... 
18 September, 2017
Best thing about me
Simply excellent
18 September, 2017
U2 Forever Love
In Brazil it will be magical!!!!!!!!!!! <3